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Supervisor leaving 3 weeks after I started the job

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Frizzy1986 Sat 03-Nov-18 08:01:38

Hi, not sure if this is the place to ask but would love some advice. Firstly I suffer from anxiety and self confidence issues.
Bit of background. I am a trainee accountant after changing career at the age of 30. It's slow progress as I'm a mum to a 4 year old so find it hard getting time to study. I was working as an Assistant Accountant for a company for 2 years (my first role) and although I did variety of tasks including analysis of income and quarterly reports, there was a massive blame culture, you were significantly overworked and underpaid as a lower level member of staff. It all began when my senior left and wasn't replaced, and then more people left and weren't replaced and we had to pick up the extra work with no increase in salary.
I eventually decided to take the plunge and move on. I've now started a new role and the atmosphere at the company seems nice. I'm frustrated at the moment though as all I'm doing so far seem to be more Admin based tasks, data entry. I know its only been 3 weeks but it's getting annoying now and feels like a step back. I'm not really being shown anything and it feels like whenever I ask if there's a rule or guideline to how something is done, the response is that usually we might do one thing but sometimes another. It feels like there's no agreed rule that everyone follows.

I'm obviously still in that phase of wondering if I made the right choice, and my senior has just handed in his notice. Apparently he's always been open that he was intending to leave, but I'm not sure I would have taken this job had I known that within a few weeks the person supposed to be training me would be gone. It feels like my last job all over again. Yes I know they have to replace him as the team isn't big enough, but if someone new arrives, they won't know the system, the processes etc so I will feel all on my own again. I took the job as it implied that there would be lots of training etc and I'm concerned that that's all gone now.

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