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TooPoshtoPushe Wed 29-Aug-18 23:20:46

There is a work colleague in the office , who was convicted of money laundering several years ago, ending in a custodial sentence and this individual has now been working in a small company for 2 years. The Colleague thinks that the position held is greater than it is and is always telling everyone what they should be doing and not pulling their weight. The position is a financial position and well paid compared to others in the office. The colleague is part time and works at home for 50% of the time, in the office for the rest. However spends 90% of that time spent in the office making personal calls, chasing hair appointments, nail appointment and making personal calls overseas to relatives on vacation on the company phone. The job is paid by the hour on a contract and the hours on the time sheet are paid monthly. However this colleague has had 15 days off sick in the last 2 years and claimed that they have worked at home or worked in the office, even when they are off sick, putting the full weekly hours down every week and being paid for them, regardless of the hours not being worked. Evidence is in the amount of work that is not being put on the system, mountains of invoices not processed and some hidden in files under the desk. Payroll has no idea that this work colleague has not been putting in the hours, as they work off the time sheets submitted monthly and not the attendance of the individual and said person never fills in a sick form. Now the company is getting into financial difficulties. Funds are also starting to go missing on a regular basis that are handled by this colleague's department and it is being brushed under the carpet. There is no HR department in the company and the line manager is oblivious to any of this going on in their own department, even when it has been speculated on numerous times. What should be done?

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HoleyCoMoley Wed 29-Aug-18 23:25:55

Send your concerns to head office or contact the police fraud offixe if you think they are stealing from the company

Wauden Thu 13-Sep-18 19:25:51

Set them up on a sting.
If you report them, you need evidence.
Are they prot6by anyone?
Good luck.

Wauden Thu 13-Sep-18 19:26:28

*protected by anyone

cervy Thu 13-Sep-18 19:40:31

What kind of company employs a convicted financial criminal in a finance role? Are they aware of that? Otherwise, would only report it if you know something illegal/against company policy is being done for sure. Ie not the bit about they tell everyone what to do, that just makes it sound like you don't like them.

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