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Hate the idea of quitting but....

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singingpinkmonkey Wed 13-Jun-18 08:24:15

I got made redundant from a job I really enjoyed but wasn't really going to progress in March.

Managed to get a fixed term contract in a field that I have always wanted to work in that same Month. 3 months in and im utterly miserable.
I am very respectful of management generally but my manager micro manages me to death and snaps at me all the time.
My fiancee and friends are telling me to quit and get another job but I can't shake the feeling that I would be letting my employer down leaving a quarter way in to my contract. Is that really terrible?
I guess I'm also worries about how it would look to a prospective employer and how I could explain it honestly without sounding unreliable!

Any advice please - I'm desperate!

thexx92 Wed 25-Jul-18 14:26:17

Your happiness takes precedent. I would take it as a sign there is something better out there for you! Gaps/short jobs on your CV can always be explained and you'd be surprised how little employers actually care.

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