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Academic looking for career change

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shmivorytower Tue 13-Feb-18 11:10:30

Alright mumsnet. I need your help (nc for this one as very outing).

For various reasons I am seriously considering a career change. I want to cast my net wide, option-wise also because I feel that I sort of slid into my career at the moment. I am an academic.

Here are my qualifications and experience (trying to state these with the confidence of a average white middle class British man )
- BA from Oxford in a core humanities subject (top first in my year)
- MA and PHD from a top 1994 group uni in same humanities subject
- secured two very, very competitive fellowships
- excellent publication record (books and articles)
- significant teaching experience
- good administrative experience ( setting up courses and modules, organising events)
- I am good with people
- I am fluent/ mother tongue level in 2 European languages (and English of course)

Things I want from my new career in descending order of importance

- the ability to pick up and drop off my children from nursery (9-5), ie flexibility and/or predictable hours (single parent, need to be London based)
- I want it to be intellectually challenging
- well paid, ie: min. starting salary of £40k (after training if applicable) with a final earning potential of around 80-100k
- If retraining is necessary I want to do it as I work and/or for max of 2 years
-possibility to do it part time at some stage

Careers i am considering

- teacher ( seems to be even worse than academia, so no)
- barrister ( don’t think it’s family friendly?)
- HR in a well-paid sector
- civil service
- publishing ( not well paid?)

Any other ideas? Or perhaps you are a humanities PHD who has left the ivory tower? Any help greatly appreciated!

shmivorytower Tue 13-Feb-18 16:24:57


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