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Teacher training

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AllGoodDogs Sun 12-Nov-17 16:23:40

Im baffled, bamboozled and flummoxed with the online info about how to even start down this path.

I'm 32, educated to A level and have worked in customer service and admin roles up to now. DCs are in full time school now and my parents have suggested now may be the time to think long term- a career with progression, pension, security etc rather than middling along in admin jobs. I currently work part time for a preschool, was considering doing a TA course but would like to learn more about teaching.

Can someone explain to me in layman's terms what I need to do. How do I train - will I need to do a F/T uni course? Are there options to help with childcare before & after school etc? My DH works abroad so I don't have anyone on hand to rely on regularly for wraparound childcare.

Financially we could manage without my meagre earnings but couldn't afford for it to cost us to train so would need student loans or bursary to cover the costs of training.

Thanks very much in advance for any guidance!!

Appuskidu Sun 12-Nov-17 16:26:48

1. Post this in the staff room.
2. Read some posts eg link
3. Think very carefully before signing up. Don’t do it just because your parents think it would be a good idea based on a rose-tinted view of teaching in the 1970s!

chocoshopoholic Sun 12-Nov-17 16:47:35

There are two main entry routes to teaching.

Undergraduate, usually 3 years full time study. Consists of a variety of placements and lectures /seminars. You can get student loans for tuition fees, and maintainance loans through student finance England. Most places are for primary, though following a recent pilot there are also physics with QTS and maths with QTS offered as undergraduate routes.

Most secondary places and some primary are available as a postgraduate route. This requires you to have done a relevant degree. Tuition fees loans are available as above. Training bursaries range from nothing to £28k depending on subject and degree class. If no bursary is available you can apply for maintenance loans through student finance England.

You will need secure childcare in place. The course is intense and missing placement days may mean that you will need to resit to meet the requirements. My students on placement are there as a minimum 20-30mins before the start of the school day and a minimum of 30-45mins at the end of the school day. You will have several placements over the course, it is worth asking providers where their placement schools are and the travel policy. I have seen expectations of up to 90mins each way (but will try for closer) for some.

All providers I know of will expect you to have some school experience prior to applying. The TA course may be a way for you to try it without such a big commitment.

AllGoodDogs Sun 12-Nov-17 16:52:37

Thanks choco that's really helpful, and eye opening!!

Apus I've posted there, thanks for the tips!

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