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What conclusion would you draw from this

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Drinkbunny Wed 21-Jun-17 22:08:09

Ok so we are a team of 3... manager , a colleague and myself. We moved to a new office and been having our wed morning call with superiors from meeting room A for 4 weeks after our move. Now manager off on holidays for 3 weeks. ok so i get in 10 min after call starts because i drop kids off etc.

so week 1 of manager holiday, said colleague starts call on time calling superior from meeting room A. so i join as soon as I am out of lift.

Week 2, said colleague starts call from meeting room B although A is free as is allocated to us. he is sitting away from glass panel in door with lights switched off. so I waste further 10 min looking for him.

week 3 and today said colleague sitting in meeting room C which is meant for 20 people with door closed ( fair enuf) and blind down although meeting room A is free. once again i runaround like a headless chicken and get in on call even later.

this colleague has made it very clear that they are ambitious and he is a very smooth talker. he loves to talk to superiors... sometimes even wud exaggerate and also jump in on issues in calls with superiors which i handle although i know best.

we openly speak about his ambitions and i encourage him and he keeps asking me if i wud take my managers place if it were vacant and i keep saying i was happy where i was. guess he just needed reassurance that i wudnt go for it. so i would've thought he never saw me as threat or felt need to somehow show me down.

but these incidents making me think he is deliberately doing this so that he cud have more airtime with superiors. i cud be wrong... but what conclusion would you draw?

redexpat Wed 21-Jun-17 22:14:22

Your colleague is excluding you. If he wasnt doing it deliberately he would either be in the same place every week or would leave a note for you saying where he is. Either you can raise it with him or get there earlier, although that may turn into passive aggressive top trumps. How long is your manager on holiday for?

redexpat Wed 21-Jun-17 22:17:18

Oh I see 3 weeks. Well I think you should note this down somewhere and next time preempt him by confirming the day before which room has been booked. You could say see you in room a at 9am tomorrow then? On your way out.

Drinkbunny Wed 21-Jun-17 22:43:02

Manager will be in for next week call... ok if he wants to show how informed he is ... but in process he is making me look bad before management who dont know bout my child care arrangement and wud just notice that i cant make it on time. 10 min was ok because by the time everyone dials in it gets to 8 min past. but i walk around the whole floor looking for him when he is hiding somewhere. now i know for next time to check all meetings rooms.

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