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Partners taking you to work

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Wondering1234 Thu 27-Apr-17 23:00:30

Hi All,

Just wondering how many people had their partner take them to work through their pregnancy. My partner does but he lets me know about it!

It means him getting up 40 minutes early each day and he works 65-70 hours per week.

Am I expecting too much or should it be a given?

StopShoutingAtYourBrother Thu 27-Apr-17 23:01:46

Why does he take you to work? You need to provide more information

Wondering1234 Thu 27-Apr-17 23:02:53

It means me catching two busses. In my first trimester I slipped over and it really scared me.

cloudchasing Thu 27-Apr-17 23:03:00

Nothing like that should be a given.

What are the circumstances?

Wondering1234 Thu 27-Apr-17 23:04:15

It means me catching two busses. In my first trimester I slipped over and it really scared me.

cloudchasing Thu 27-Apr-17 23:04:18

Personally I think it's the 'right' thing to do. But not taken for granted and I would be really grateful.

PatriciaHolm Thu 27-Apr-17 23:04:20

Really? You can't get yourself to work on 2 buses?

MrsChopper Thu 27-Apr-17 23:04:25

I always used public transport. I wouldn't think it was a given and it entirely depends on how you feel during pregnancy, how you travel to work, how long your journey is etc.

Is there any particular reason why your partner takes you?

MrsChopper Thu 27-Apr-17 23:04:57

Sorry didn't read your updates on time.

cloudchasing Thu 27-Apr-17 23:05:15

I mean I know you should be cherished and all that, but you sort of just have to get on with it, don't you.

Wondering1234 Thu 27-Apr-17 23:05:25

It means me catching two busses. In my first trimester I slipped over and it really scared me.

Pepperedpig Thu 27-Apr-17 23:05:34

I think you are expecting a bit much to be fair. I managed to get myself to and from work when I was pregnant.

Rubberduckies Thu 27-Apr-17 23:05:33

I can't imagine me expecting that every day for an entire pregnancy.....maybe a one off

StopShoutingAtYourBrother Thu 27-Apr-17 23:08:48

No. My dh would have thought I'd completely lost my marbles. Once you're preggers and then baby comes there's always something to worry about so I'd say that's very nice he's doing it but totally not a given.

Fair enough, We've had crappy weather recently but it's drying up now so less chance of slipping I'd say?

Babykoala1 Thu 27-Apr-17 23:26:27

My partner used to take me in as I was so sick and couldn't deal with throwing up on buses anymore blush He didn't mind at all, as long as I didn't get puke in his car.

notapizzaeater Thu 27-Apr-17 23:44:42

If he's working that many hours then no I wouldn't expect him to take me to work. Thousands of pregnant women go on public transport everyday without harming themselves or baby.

DryIce Fri 28-Apr-17 00:01:09

Sorry but that does sound extreme to me.

I am 6 months pregnant and get rush hour London public transport. Closer to the time I may get a lift with my husband to the station (avoiding a walk/bus, and getting a quieter train), but that would be if he was going that way, and I got up early. I wouldn't expect it

CuppaTeaTeddy Fri 28-Apr-17 00:22:07

I wouldn't ever expect it, especially with him working so much. Maybe if I was feeling terrible every now and then and he offered. Wouldn't say it was a given. Most people feel like shit in the beginning but you just have to get in with it. There will always be something to worry about.

Aderyn2016 Fri 28-Apr-17 00:27:56

I'd expect it from my dh. Being pg isn't always easy, the least he can do is make your life easier by taking you to work.

Too many women stoically get on with things, when they feel tired and stressed, instead of insisting their partners pull their weight and help. Which is why so many men don't appreciate that it is hard and expect business as usual and turn into lazy dads who don't do their share when the baby is born.

Lapinlapin Fri 28-Apr-17 00:32:11

I read the title as partners taking you to their work ... Bit like take your dc to work days. blushgrin

Aderyn2016 Fri 28-Apr-17 00:34:27

You are not alone lapin blushgrin

NewMum17 Fri 28-Apr-17 06:14:38

I had my partner drop me to work in the late 3rd trimester but it meant me getting up earlier in order to leave at the time he needed to.
I understand your worry about public transport especially if you have slipped. His annoying nagging is probably because he clearly finds it more of an effort with his long hours, and the fact he needs to wake up earlier. Could you perhaps go a different way 2/3 days a week? (Cab, any colleagues you can meet nearby to give you a lift?
Or could you possibly ask to start work later and finish later? Some people can do this later in their pregnancy to avoid the rush hour.
Good luck. It's tricky but you have to do what you feel is right. I'm sure your DH will understand that deep down.

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