Anyone here an Avon Rep - what's it like, is it worth doing?

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KirstyJC Thu 04-Jun-09 14:22:17

Afternoon! I was trying to think of some ways to earn a few extra pennies and am wondering about becoming an Avon Rep - we don't get any catalogues around here so maybe it would be worth a shot.

I just wondered if anyone else here has done this and what it is like? Do you need lots of storage space for items/catalogues? I assume you get a certain amount of catalogues which you deliver, then collect later and deliver to other homes etc, otherwise you would need thousands of them?!?

Also, I am on Mat Leave at the mo' but if I did this I think it would be good to continue once back at work full time, although maybe on a smaller scale. But, would that be possible if there is no-one here to receive deliveries of catalogues/items? I'm wondering if maybe I'm getting a bit too carried away and should just stop spending money instead of trying to earn more...!

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sweethome Mon 29-Jun-09 21:04:11

Message withdrawn

atworknotworking Mon 29-Jun-09 21:19:19

Avon rep packed in recently as she said she kept getting bills from Avon, for stock that they said she couldn't return if the customer changed their mind and the cost of the brochures etc was more than she made, but I have never done it before so don't know if this is the case, although the last one packed in and said the same thing.

I have a friend however who's sister has done Avon for quite a while and she doesn't seem to have any problems, maybe it depends if you have a good area or not, I have seen some reps doing sales at school fete's as well which could be a good opportunity. I think with things like this you get out what you put into it but I would definately check out the return stock policy and cost of brochures before commiting.

Good Luck

TracyGriffin Thu 09-Jul-09 15:51:24

Message withdrawn

kando Thu 09-Jul-09 15:57:53

Sorry sweethome, but it's not free and it does cost you!! I know it's not much, but all the same ...

I'm an Avon rep. You have to pay an administration fee (I think it's about £50 but you pay half from your first order and the rest from your second). You have to pay for your brochures too - 50 brochures costs just over £8. To earn any money, you need to have orders over £78 for the lower discount (about 20%) and £148 to get a discount of 25%. I've been doing for a year and really like it, but it took a while to build up the customer base. But if no-one else does Avon in your area, you'll no doubt get a great reaction - I did after the last Avon rep gave up for my territory and it's just been getting better for me. I cover quite a large area, I'd say I used to deliver to around 150 houses, but I've cut it down now as I've come to know the ones who don't return the brochures or who tell me they are not interested.

Sorry, I have to go now but I can come back later to see if you want any more info! HTH

kando Thu 09-Jul-09 16:00:04

Not had any problem with returning stock - sometimes they can be a bit slow to credit your account and sometimes they say the haven't received your returns, but as long as you follow the instructions for returns then you'll be fine. I always return my unwanted products via the carrier when he delivers my orders, rather than sending in the post. Your friend must have been unlucky atwork sad

atworknotworking Thu 09-Jul-09 18:09:29

kando yeah I think she was sad she said the carrier was a pita, which didn't help, but then again I know others that seem to do ok, it's like all selling you get out what you put into it, if you don't have enough time or umph then you will be pretty hard pushed at any kind of job like Avon, betterware etc.

sweethome Sat 18-Jul-09 22:29:41

kando - the fee not £50 but £15 and you don't have to pay it straight away. I pay the adm from my profit that's way I said it didn't cost me anything wink

livvylouis Tue 21-Jul-09 12:12:21

I have not long started as an Avon rep and I love it! I am now on my second campaign and I am making money not loads but enough to make it worth while. The admin fee is only £15 and you pay this in two instalments from your earnings plus you dont pay for the books for the first two campaigns so I was able to make a good profit. The main reson I like Avon is that you get out of it what you put in if you dont feel you have much time one week because of family commitments etc you can take the week off with no worries, I say give it a go and good luck.

johnnyo Sat 28-Nov-09 13:48:29

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covkimbo Fri 01-Jan-10 18:16:29

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WheresMyWaistGone Wed 06-Jan-10 22:33:58

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Rrobbbb Fri 22-Jan-10 21:46:40

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TanB Sat 23-Jan-10 15:02:47

Hi , Im not an Avon rep but I too needed some extra cash and looked into various business opps including Avon whilst on Mat leave - I joined a network marketing Company/A British PLC and am now back at work four days a week - So glad I didnt join Avon as I dont have huge amounts of free time and need to do things at my own pace. Let me know if you are interested in any more info!

NK58ec1dc8X12747e17b93 Wed 10-Mar-10 12:08:59

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AvonAngel Mon 15-Mar-10 21:43:16

Message withdrawn

AvonAngel Mon 15-Mar-10 21:57:19

Also just to clarify - The admin fee is £15 not £50. This is payable over your first 2 campaigns but your brochures are free for the fist 2 campaigns!

Cards Wed 24-Mar-10 15:24:01

Message deleted

organicmummi Thu 25-Mar-10 18:26:42

Hi Kirsty!

I have been with Neal's Yard Organic since January which is the home selling arm of Neal's Yard. You pay £95 and get a fantastic kit to get you started which is worth over £260. You also get lots of training to help you acheive whichever goals you set. You earn 25% commission on sales and get your own website. You can do parties, pass brochures around your family and friends, build a team etc. It is as much or as little as you like and people love the products! I have never done party plan before and just wanted to earn some extra money while I am a stay at home mum. I love it!

Kirsty- hope this helps, happy for you to contact me if you want to chat, I know its a big decision! x

jane357 Wed 31-Mar-10 20:54:55

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splatthefly Thu 01-Apr-10 08:02:19

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splatthefly Thu 01-Apr-10 08:04:50

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essexavon Fri 02-Apr-10 22:30:00

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kateconroy Tue 25-May-10 12:49:13

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Butterpie Sun 13-Jun-10 12:51:02

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