Apply for the job or wait....

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MaidofKent78 Wed 07-Apr-21 13:02:30

Thank you all. 100% apply; guess I'll be dusting down my CV then.....

I'll just sit hard on the Imposter Syndrome. Just as well I've eaten lots of cake over lockdown....!

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folloyourarro Wed 07-Apr-21 12:55:28

Apply, worst case you've got some more recent application experience when you are firmly ready for the next step. I'm deeply impatient though, told myself I needed to do this role for 3 years but am actively applying for the next step up 18 months in, I hit the criteria so why not.

AtLeastPretendToCare Wed 07-Apr-21 11:48:48

No harm in applying

MaverickDanger Wed 07-Apr-21 11:41:38


I had this same conundrum on Saturday (also coupled with the fact I’m early into my maternity leave) and applied for a job that’s twice my salary & I have an interview!

brogueish Wed 07-Apr-21 09:59:41

Apply! What newname said.

At the very least this would be great selection process practice for future applications. I really believe that interviews are so utterly intimidating because we don't do them very often.

Newname1239 Wed 07-Apr-21 09:46:08

Apply. I think I read somewhere that women apply for roles when they meet all the criteria, where as men will apply as long as they meet at least 50%. It will give you an opportunity to learn about their recruitment procedures and make some contacts. The worst thing that will happen is they say no and may give you useful feedback for next time you apply. You have nothing to loose by applying.

MaidofKent78 Wed 07-Apr-21 09:37:31

I'm currently a senior analyst within the 3rd sector. I'm happy with my role right now, and can see myself staying here for a few more years developing the skills and experience I need for the next step. But.... a role has come up in an organisation that is just the job I would be looking for as my next move. Whilst I have many of the skills required I don't quite have the full set, and could do with a couple more years to further develop and consolidate. But.... it's a really good opportunity, and whilst something similar may arise in a couple of years there's no guarantee.

So, wise MN users, what would you do? Apply anyway and see how you get on? Or save your time/energy.

I have until Sunday to apply...

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