Want to retrain in Speech & Language, but I'm stuck!

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CaliDreamer Tue 23-Feb-21 18:08:46

Hey everyone!
I'm currently on furlough and have been told the security of my position depends on a big project coming off and they can't tell me when we will find out. I have been approached about another job, which sounds great in theory, but I don't know if it's really what I want.

I've been thinking of retraining in S&LT for a while, but I have no relevant experience. I've been working in Customer Services, Account Management and Project Management.. so nothing relevant. I studied Social Anthropology at Uni over 10 years ago (I'm now 32) and after approaching Brum City University about their Masters in Speech and Language Therapy, I've been told that because of the amount of time since I was last in education and due to my lack of experience in any relevant area, I'd probably need to consider a PGcert or PGDip before even being eligible to apply sad. I think there is also a similar issue with the Undergraduate degree.
I had looked at going in as a S&LT assistant, but again, my lack of experience in anything relevant leaves me stuck.

I don't want to invest my money (and time!) in courses if it won't lead anywhere, but it's something I would really like to get into. I have considered relevant volunteer work, but at the moment its not really possible.

I'm really stuck on what would be best to do from here! Any advice would be amazing - thank you!

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Seasalt1984 Sun 21-Mar-21 13:33:29

Hi OP just been scrolling the jobs board and came across your post. I'm an SLT and I completed the undergrad degree as a mature student from 2010-2014. I didn't have a first degree, but I'd been working in the City for a few years climbing the corporate so no relevant clinical experience but the life experience of working in business is so useful when doing the course and going into the NHS (people skills, organisational skills, working to deadlines to name a few)!

I had to do an access to health and human sciences access course to get onto degree course which was an evening course 4 nights a week whilst working full time. It was hard going but I thought if I can get through that I can get through anything and I was desperate to get off the corporate ladder. I did some voluntary work with kids clubs which may not be an option currently. But there were a few "SLT as a career" sessions I signed up to. There may be some local charities near you that do things like befriending schemes with autistic people or adults who have communication difficulties (stroke association may be worth a look). Even if you've got an idea of client group you'd prefer to work with (children or adults) take whatever volunteer opportunities you can get to show willing. I was adamant i wanted to work with adults and had no interest in working with children until I did placements and completely changed my mind!

There is talk of a salt apprentice scheme through working as a salt assistant but tbh the nhs trusts I've worked in seem to be quite avoidant of this for SLT and getting an assistant job can be tough with dozens of applicants going for single posts.

It can take work to get on to a course but if you have a clear plan to get there it's definitely doable. I don't regret leaving financial services AT ALL despite big cut in pay and big stress levels that NHS working can bring. (There are plenty of non nhs jobs but it's a good place to start career). It's a lifestyle change and a vocation for the better.

Bit of an essay, but hope that helps?!

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