Should I stick it out or look about?

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AMSAIM Tue 16-Feb-21 07:21:09

Backstory- end of 2019 I had made my mind up to leave my employment of 5 years, was in a senior management role and well liked and respected- but knew no progression opportunities would be available in next few years and want to move up

Been in new role 6 months now

I applied for jobs and got a new one in a company that thinks its progressive but its actually slow, wont spend money on staff resources or equipment, has grown massively so has opportunities but didnt forecast or plan the impacts of growth so now we are in a spiral trying to catch up (with no staff or decent systems)
The team I manage are leaving in droves and even new starters are asking why do we do it like this!

No matter how much I plan/prepare/conduct reviews/reccomendations/proposals I am told it wont happen as we wont spend the money. (This company recorded profit of millions last financial year)

So do I start looking for something else,
Or should i stick this out 6-12 months longer- I am resilient and can power through tough times but with no support and back up for my plans and being told to just sort it out with the tools you have I am demotivated sad

Any advice?

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LampsOn Tue 16-Feb-21 13:29:40

I would normally suggest to leave if you're not happy but it is strange times at the moment and most organisations are not working as they usually would.
Obviously it depends what industry you are in wrt how coronavirus has impacted but if I were you I would stick it out another 6 - 12 months but keep an eye on what else is out there. I'm not sure it ever looks good to have just 6 months in one role without a legitimate reason.

SummerInSun Tue 16-Feb-21 13:35:46

Tricky. Generally anyone spending less that 2 years with an employer will raise eyebrows with the next employer - they will always wonder whether you were being managed out as you couldn't cut it at the new place - but if you were in your previous job for over 5 years and can get good references from them it may not be such a problem. I'd look around carefully but only jump of you find a role you really think you can stick with for at least 2 years (what you really don't want is back to back short periods of employment). And have a very good explanation ready for interviews as to why you are leaving the current job so soon.

EveryDayIsADuvetDay Tue 16-Feb-21 16:56:11

I wouldn't worry about a short stint somewhere, particularly when your previous role was 5 years+.
- and a short stint in the current climate with everything a bit topsy turvey and the job not panning out as you anticipated would be even more understandable.
Definitely start looking around - and try not to let your demotivation and frustration make you come across negatively in interviews, or get you down too much flowers

AMSAIM Tue 16-Feb-21 20:17:19

Thank you for all your feedback

I will keep an eye on the job market and not jump unless its something ill stick to for a long time so it doesn't look like anything untoward

Thanks again

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