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How much do you earn

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strangerontheinternet Wed 27-Jan-21 21:22:56

Have previously come across a similar thread on another forum and it was so interesting! Basically people commented with their job, age and how much they earn. I hate my job/industry and feel it doesn't pay well like I was led to believe but also feel I have no idea what's out there career/job wise and how much various jobs would earn so what I could do.

I'm 27, a solicitor in Scotland and earn £35k

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Caaarrrl Wed 27-Jan-21 21:25:38

I'm a teacher, 46, earn £31,700.

HastySlander Wed 27-Jan-21 21:27:53

28, management in a STEM focused company. £56k plus bonus

montymum Wed 27-Jan-21 21:29:12

Teacher 37 earn 39k

Flippy87 Wed 27-Jan-21 21:29:15

29 finance £128k

WINKINGatyourage Wed 27-Jan-21 21:29:58

1 billion dollars <pinky to lips>

FlowS Wed 27-Jan-21 21:30:21

49, PA, £50k (London)

topcat2014 Wed 27-Jan-21 21:30:22

Chartered accountant in industry. 50 this year (eeek) 60k

sabrinathemiddleagewitch Wed 27-Jan-21 21:30:54


1 billion dollars <pinky to lips>

Brilliant 🤣🤣

AnxiousSM Wed 27-Jan-21 21:31:53

£35k - 48 - HR

youngestisapsycho Wed 27-Jan-21 21:32:14

Part time Accounts assistant, 45 yrs old, £18,000

OublietteBravo Wed 27-Jan-21 21:32:41

I’m 45. I’m patent attorney (dual qualified- U.K. and European) and earn £110k (plus bonus).

GingerBiscuit21 Wed 27-Jan-21 21:32:58

£78k 37y HR

StepawayfromtheBiscuittin Wed 27-Jan-21 21:33:17

42, part-time in public relations. Earn anything between 40-65k per year.
At the top of my career six years ago I earned 150k but had no life and loads of stress so made some changes and don't regret them one bit. I thought I needed to totally change direction
This opportunity came my way and I found it wasn't my work that I hated, it was the sheer volume of it and the stress of the place I worked at. I do the same type of work now but just less of it and I've gone back to enjoying it.

Finewine76 Wed 27-Jan-21 21:33:32

Assistant SENDCo 44 earn 34k

YakkityYakYakYak Wed 27-Jan-21 21:34:08

33 - HR - South West - £60k

InsideNumberNine Wed 27-Jan-21 21:34:14

Comms, £46k. Age 41.

LawnFever Wed 27-Jan-21 21:34:18

40, PR, £38k

funksoulmother Wed 27-Jan-21 21:34:21

29, Mum, £0 wink

Wishitsnows Wed 27-Jan-21 21:35:11

46 programme manager £128K

TheBeesKnee Wed 27-Jan-21 21:35:59

28, audit, £33k. Low for London, but I don't want to jump ship in a Pandemic bear

EspressoExpresso Wed 27-Jan-21 21:36:25

35, mental health, £23k

I had no idea HR was so well paid shock

Chihuahuacat Wed 27-Jan-21 21:37:16

Tax advisor, 29, £70k not London.

Lostinspace23 Wed 27-Jan-21 21:37:33

Director in consulting role. 40, £100k plus bonus and car allowance.

Isla2021 Wed 27-Jan-21 21:37:51

@wishitnows what industry do you work in? My dp is looking at a new career path and this was something he is looking into/ project management!

Any tips would be welcomed =p

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