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EBearhug Tue 26-Jan-21 14:43:27

I used a careers advisor service through my union, which meant I got a discount. They didn't tell me details about actual jobs - we worked through things I liked about work (looked at all past jobs, including Saturday jobs); things I didn't like; conditions I might or might not want, like flexible hours, night shifts, lone working, people facing, overseas travel long commute, office-based or outdoor, practical, problem-solving, etc, etc. Everyone will have different answers to these through preferences and personal circumstances, but your answers will limit which careers may be open to you, which is a good thing- it's as important to know what you're really not interested in as much as what you do like.

You also need to think about your out-goings and minimum salary requirements - changing careers is likely to cause a dip in salary, at least in the short term, until you've built up experience. You could also have time out studying while you qualify.

You can work through all this on your own, but it helped me to have some guidance and someone to talk it over with.

Rulesdontapplytome Tue 26-Jan-21 13:56:57

I’d probably swerve a “careers advisor’s” advice. Unless they have worked a million jobs or have a Bently parked outside, I can’t imagine their advise will take you too far. Unless you want to be a careers advisor lol.
First thing, is it for the money? Cos if not, then pick a degree in something you like. Physics or archeology may interest you. If going for gold, then law or architecture could be a route. A real easy way into a decent income and further education is in construction. Everyone in construction earns decent money. Many routes in and lots of ways towards the top.
Maybe consider being a PA. A good PA is basically the Chairman’s right arm. You can earn decent money and generally you’ll have something on them for future job security. You do need to be loyal, well organised and happy to be out of your comfort zone.
Maybe when things are back to normal, you maybe able to find careers event.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

MirandaWestsNewBFF Fri 22-Jan-21 19:55:55

Hi, I’m an independent and fully accredited career coach, and this is literally my job 😀 Happy to offer you a free, no obligation one hour coaching call to help you get started with the thinking process. Just drop me a pm if you fancy it and we can fix a time 😀

peachypetite Fri 22-Jan-21 12:23:50

Prospects website is a good starting point

GrowingUpIsATrap Fri 22-Jan-21 12:22:41

Hi, does anyone have any experience of finding or using a careers advisor or service? I've tried the government careers advice site but it wasn't very helpful. I am hoping to retrain over the next couple of years so I can focus on my career when I am 40 and my children are at secondary school. I am also open to going back to Uni to do a masters if that will help. I just need to focus on a career path that I will enjoy but also is going to be something that has longevity. I just find it so hard trying to work it out by myself. Does anyone have any ideas or experience of where I can get some support?

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