Given line management responsibility but no pay increase

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Dinosauraddict Sun 24-Jan-21 12:30:33

If there's no chance of a promotion, then yes I'd be requesting a pay review in your shoes.

bonfireheart Sat 23-Jan-21 21:27:56

Thank you @Margaritatime that's really great advice. I have my JD and those of two recent jobs that were recruited for that do include line management and therefore are graded higher.

@dinosauraddict there's no hope of promotion where I am. Those above me are here until they retire they've made that very very clear, which would be at least 20 years are the earliest. I have previous line management experience which I can refer when applying for jobs externally. No hope in my place.

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Dinosauraddict Sat 23-Jan-21 14:09:36

Are you interested in getting a promotion? If so, I would look at this as additional stretch to give you the evidence you need that you're ready for the grade above. I have always expected to show that I can work at the grade above before stepping into it.

Margaritatime Sat 23-Jan-21 10:26:28

You may have to be a little patient.

Start by asking for a job description. Make sure that it includes all the management requirements. As you do the job add anything not covered to the job description and flag, but don't remove.

At the same time ask managers at the next level if the would share their job description for evidence. Try to get more than one.

Once you have a correct job description for your role send it to your manager to confirm - get this in writing. Then send it to HR, cc your manager, and ask for job evaluation to be undertaken as you believe your role is incorrectly graded. At this stage don't mention money. You may need to raise a grievance to get them to do this. if you are in a Trade Union ask them to support you.

If they eventually agree and regrade you then ask for back pay. Be prepared they may say they have to advertise the role as it is a new level.

In the interim make sure you are given all the management training you need to do your new role. Make a note of at her attendees levels or if the course states the level it is aimed at as this strengthens your case.

Whilst it is unfair the role has changed take the opportunity to develop as a manager. I know this may not seem fair but it is adding to your skill set.

MirandaWestsNewBFF Fri 22-Jan-21 20:16:15

Hmm, it’s hard to say without knowing more about the culture of your job. Maybe worth a chat with HR, just informally, to see whether that’s allowable under the terms of your contract at your grade.

bonfireheart Thu 21-Jan-21 16:25:12

I am have recently started a new role at work- it's a sideways move in same team, at same grade and same pay. The job was advertised with no line management responsibility. I am now being told that I will have to line manage 2.5 staff. No increase in pay. No other person on our team at same grade as me line manages. Line management is the only thing that differentiates my grade and the next grade up. I don't mind line managing people, I have done it before. However, I do feel it is unfair for them to a) change specifics of my job role b) get me to take on more responsibility without an increase in pay.
What should I do? I have spoken to the Head of department who was trying to fob me off.

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