What Civil service department/ smaller department/ alb would you recommend working for, as a working mum?

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Sunflower202020 Thu 21-Jan-21 12:35:50

Hi There, I know the civil service is generally good for working mums, but what departments/ smaller department agencies, would you recommend working for. So those with either maternity packages or good flexible working for mums.

(I am currently in the civil service - SEO grade, just trying to see where I could look next for a role) I'm interested to know about Department for education maternity policy.

Also, would you move jobs when you return from maternity leave or would you stay at your current department? How easy is it to move ?

Thank you!

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Levithecat Fri 22-Jan-21 18:03:52

Hopefully not too outing... I have worked in a few and my favourites have been DWP, Defra and MHCLG.
Defra (3 teams/roles) was lovely and lots of interesting work. Nice caring culture but a really huge remit so not the most functional/cohesive dept. I love MHCLG - small dept, really interesting valuable work. But younger in every way - only a handful of other working mums in my directorate, work much more reactive so pressure higher. Still lots of flexibility and autonomy though.

Easy to move around mat leave, but if it’s your first baby I’d caution you on starting a new post straight from mat leave. You need to coast a bit imo, and it helps to have folk around you who know you/what your usual performance is like (it’ll definitely dip for a while!).

MirandaWestsNewBFF Fri 22-Jan-21 19:57:05

I’ve worked in HMRC and DWP. HMRC was brilliant and really family friendly!

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