Any tips to help me regain my confidence at work?

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Finals1234 Wed 20-Jan-21 15:23:58

I'm after some confidence boosting tips and tricks please!

I'm a freelancer, and I've been working with a lovely client for 5/6 years now, alongside other clients.

Yesterday I had some feedback that my last piece of work with them seemed rushed, and was full of errors. I checked, and it was. They were all fairly minor but they were there nonetheless. I apologised profusely for this, as I should have.

But it's knocked my confidence totally.

I am working with them today, on a piece they estimated would take me an hour to complete. It didn't, its taken me nearly 6 hours. Normally I would just pipe up and let them know this will take longer than their estimate and they are totally fine with this. But today I feel like it's totally my fault its taking me longer and I will be at fault here somehow, so I'm too scared to say anything.

Recently, I have have been feeling this more and more - I don't know if it's age related (I have just turned 46) and feeling like I should know more, or it its down to the pressures of lockdown and homeschooling (which I am doing badly to 3 DC, as a single parent) which means I am missing the ball at work as I am distracted by other things.

Any mind tricks to help me get back on top of this please?

I know if I shrink away and don't offer an experienced opinion at work if will reflect badly, but at the moment I feel like I don't know anything and I'll be wrong whatever I say. sad

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