Worst thing you have done at work

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Cockles123 Mon 11-Jan-21 21:53:47

Hi MN,
I have been reading a few threads about the worst thing people have done in life, but I’m wondering what’s the worst thing you (or someone you know), has done in work.
My best mate works in public sector and the things she tells me about other people is crazy! Lots of investigations going on whereas in my work they’d have been sacked long ago.
It just got me thinking about what’s the worst thing that has been done in work. I stole a load of pens a while back, but I think that’s the worst I’ve done! (Say about 10 as I keep losing my pens).

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Noshowlomo Mon 11-Jan-21 21:56:54

Ooo this could be fun. I’m public sector and I’ve heard a few dramas in my time

BashfulClam Tue 12-Jan-21 01:04:52

I was bullied out of. Job I was very good at due to a new manager. I ended up frites see and unable to fight....just before I left I deleted all my notes. They were quick process notes I had made, I had put them on the shared folder in case anyone needed them....gone! People did use them but they weren’t an official resource. I also ‘accidentally’ shredded so documents (couldn’t be tied back to me) that dickhead needed for a meeting. I found them on a desk and just poooed them in the shredder, well you shouldn’t leave stuff like that just lying around. On my last day I went to Greggs and got a tuna sandwich. I then pushed the opened pack with the sandwich still inside behind dickheads drawer unit (there was a gap at the back next to the radiator). I wish I knew how that turned out! I might have also broken his company mobile phone as I dunked it in the sink again he left it at his arse)...I don’t feel bad but I was in a bad place mentally.

charliespie Tue 12-Jan-21 01:28:59

I once agreed to cover the breakfast shift next day for the chef (i was a supervisor) knowing full well I was never going to set foot inside that hotel again after I left that night. I felt like I couldn't say no and the owner/manager was a bit bc to me (hence me leaving) so I just said I would do it quite happily with the knowledge she would get the call at just after 5am from the waiting staff to say they had no chef!

Found porn in too many rooms (housekeeping in the 90s) and occasionally perhaps had a bit of a look at it blush

Henio Tue 12-Jan-21 01:43:06

I went to work in a supermarket cafe at 6am after being out clubbing until 3am, I was still drunk and was throwing up in the sink between preping the food

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