Applying for jobs but have Crohn's and endometriosis

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Bluebirdcup Mon 11-Jan-21 16:40:28

Hi lovely people,
I am looking for a little advice and support.
I am 37 years old and generally very fit and healthy. I do say this but
For as long as I've been an adult I've had flu like symptoms, inflammation, exhaustion, problems with my tummy on and off.
Anyway last year it all came to ahead and I ended up in hospital for a few weeks with an infected bowel.
Fast forward and I've been diagnosed with severe endometriosis of the bowel, pelvic area and Crohn's.
It's been tough physically and mentally but I am getting medical support and have amazing gynaecologist and bowel consultant.
Anyway work have been incredibly supportive especially as I had so much time in and out of hospital last year.

However I am unhappy in my role and want to get a new job. I've applied for a role, not sure if I'll get an interview BUT how does anyone go about saying they have an illness which might cause time in hospital or time off.
I don't take time off, its rare apart from hospital appointments or when I've had a flare up. Work have never been made to feel bad for this but how on earth do you tell potential employers or when you get a new job? I'm aware I'm lucky with my current manager and sadly she's not the reason I want to leave.

Thanks so much x

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Fatherbrownsbicycle Mon 11-Jan-21 17:30:23

There is an employee & employer guide here. Good luck!

MirandaWestsNewBFF Thu 14-Jan-21 22:31:57

If your conditions are severe, they could be considered a disability under the Equality Act 2010. In that case time off would be part of a reasonable adjustment for your condition, and would be a legal requirement to accommodate.

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