Working hours when going back?!

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Leopardprintx Sun 03-Jan-21 17:59:21

I'm due to have a little girl in May this year.
I understand this topic I have plenty of time to think about how ever it is irritating me.

I currently work 5 days a week, anywhere from 5pm -8 pm finishes and I think I want
To reduce my hours after I go back from maternity.

I have no clue how to go about working out if this will be beneficial for me, ie help from tax
Credits etc.

I'm only earning just a little over min wage and my partner is on min wage and online states that if I were to reduce hours I still wouldn't be entitled to anything.

I know I can still work full time but if I do a 9-5.30 shift it takes me 1 hr there and 1 hr back from Work and is more in petrol etc. I feel like I just won't have time with my new baby working 5 days a week.

Anyone in the UK feel
The same or have any advice for me please? X

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BackforGood Sun 03-Jan-21 20:40:16

I suspect every parent has this dilemma to a greater or lesser extent.
There is no 'right' or 'wrong' answer.
I also think you should wait and see how you feel after the baby is born. Some people feel quite 'trapped' at the idea of being just with a baby for long days, x 7 days a week, and really look forward to going out to work. Other people feel being at home is the right choice for them. Many people feel some sort of PT work is the idea combination, but that is easier in some jobs than in others.

Some people feel they need to continue to work because of where they are in their career, or because their training will get out of date if they don't. Other people work in jobs that don't have such 'ties' and possibly won't disadvantage themselves in the job market so much if they take a few years out of the work place.

I don't know the rules on benefits / tax credits / subsidised childcare, as my family are now grown up, but I'm sure someone will be along soon who knows more than me about that side of things.

Blue2021 Sun 03-Jan-21 21:29:25

Have you tried using a benefit calculator? Doing it with working full time and part time? And seeing what the differences will be.

I’m in the same position back to work in 4 weeks and going back 5 days. I will be doing 2 days from home though and me, partner and my mum (she’s in our bubble) will share the childcare these days. DS is going to a childminders 3 days a week as I found these £17 a day cheaper. Also sign up to the government childcare scheme.. every £8 you pay they add £2.


Osirus Mon 04-Jan-21 00:37:00

If you reduce your days, at least have Mondays off. You get the bank holidays “back” in your annual leave (proportionately) - if you work a Monday, your annual leave will reduce accordingly.

I don’t work Mondays or Fridays for this reason.

I first went back two days a week and now do three short days.

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