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1980sljm Thu 31-Dec-20 11:57:05

I was hoping someone could help me please. I've been a SAHM for just over 4 years and I'm looking at returning to work and I don't know what to put on my CV regarding my break from work. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could put.

Many thanks

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AlexaShutUp Thu 31-Dec-20 11:59:15

Just put career break to care for young children, or something along those lines.

KarmaNoMore Thu 31-Dec-20 12:02:18

Just say you took time off work to concentrate on your young family but that during that time you ...... and ..... (fill the blanks with any volunteering, training, etc you did in that time as long as it is not related to usual motherhood activities, ie it is ok to say that you ran a fund raiser did the accounts for the school’s PTA but not that you learned to multitask by keeping appointments for the children)

TarnishedSilver Thu 31-Dec-20 16:58:58

Agree just be honest and say you took a break to look after young kids. It's fine the world would like to think it's moved on quicker than it has. New job always new stuff to learn.

1980sljm Thu 31-Dec-20 17:12:25

Thank you for replies.

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