Etsy? Does anyone make any money out of it?

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Lovemusic33 Tue 29-Dec-20 18:54:13

Does anyone manage to make money selling items on Etsy?

I’m considering making something and selling it on Etsy, have never sold on there before and don’t really know how it works 🤣

Does anyone actually make money selling their hand crafted items? Or is it more of a hobby where you just make a small amount?

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Daphnesmate04 Wed 30-Dec-20 20:03:48

Lovemusic Watching your post with interest as I am in the process of trying to open a shop on Etsy (not until around Sept 2021).

I am approaching it as a hobby which might make a small amount. There is an Etsy forum on the might get some answers on there. Otherwise, you might want to re-post in chat where there is more traffic.

WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo Wed 30-Dec-20 20:05:20

I would imagine that for most people its a hobby to supplement another income. But if you've got something unique, or better than everyone you might make some money.

Remxhah126 Wed 30-Dec-20 20:06:26

I have an etsy shop. I don't make much - pocket money. It's not much more than a hobby. Most people don't want to pay the cost of a hand made high quality item.

doadeer Sun 03-Jan-21 18:24:47

I have an etsy store and a product which I also sell locally. I made £340 last month but it's not a full time thing for me, just a hobby. I think if you're passionate about it and you really want to make it a success you can but it's likely lots of hours.

As far as I can see the Etsy algorithm favours large product ranges so they encourage as many items as possible, that's not good for me as my stuff is a very small collection.

They have a detailed handbook advising on the SEO etc so worth reading that.

But in a nutshell I wouldn't quit your day job

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