Practice psychometric tests for NHS.

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Nibblonian Mon 28-Dec-20 00:20:10

Not checked recently, but the Public Health training used to incorporate the RANRA (numerical reasoning) and Watson Glaser (critical reasoning). Both can be practised online but you'll perhaps need to pay for access.

The situational judgement element is public health specific so the discipline competencies are the best place to start for that.

Imicola Sun 27-Dec-20 08:52:46

Hi all. Does anyone have recommendations for where I can get practice tests for an upcoming NHS assessment? It's for the public health registrar training, and includes Critical thinking, advanced numerical reasoning and situational judgement. I've found a few online but they seem to vary a lot in question structure and difficulty, so would be good to get a pointer to which might be most appropriate. Happy to pay for access also.

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