Being clinically vulnerable and occupational health pre-employment check (NHS)

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Tier4 Tue 22-Dec-20 20:42:03

I recently got a conditional offer in the NHS subject to pre-employment checks including an occupational health check form. I have filled that out and am just waiting to hear back. I have an underlying health condition which I obviously declared on the form which makes me clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 (but not extremely clinically vulnerable).

I was asked in the interview if I had any underlying health conditions and I did say yes and that I was in the clinically vulnerable group so HR were aware.

Can anyone tell me what kind of response I should expect? It's a non-patient facing role but one where social distancing is not possible and involves handling patient samples.

Do you think I will fail the occupational health check? We are now in a tier 4 area.

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Cheesypea Tue 22-Dec-20 20:45:23

Are you prepared to work under those circumstances? Are you prepared to have a covid vaccine?

Tier4 Tue 22-Dec-20 20:45:56


Are you prepared to work under those circumstances? Are you prepared to have a covid vaccine?

Yes to both.

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DougRossIsTheBoss Tue 22-Dec-20 20:48:16

I don't think you'll fail or that the Tier will make any difference. They'll fill in a risk assessment and tell you you'll be fine with PPE I suspect.

Cheesypea Tue 22-Dec-20 20:52:55

Good luck op. I think if your prepared to adhere to safety measures and not very clinically vulnerable you'll be fine. Good luck.

Tier4 Tue 22-Dec-20 20:56:10

Thank you. I'm only in my late 20s so that should help... I will feel a lot better once I am eventually vaccinated though!

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Tier4 Thu 24-Dec-20 11:23:59

I have back and have to speak to an occupational nurse next week - will it just be asking a few clarifying questions about my health condition?

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Cheesypea Thu 24-Dec-20 12:48:43

Yes op. When I've had occupational health appointments they've feedback to me afterward.

Tier4 Thu 31-Dec-20 12:16:12

My appointment with occupational health has now changed and is in late January. I'm a little worried as I know I was due to start in early January, it's a whole new department that has been quickly set up due to COVID so all new recruits are starting at around the same time.

Is there any chance I will lose my job offer due to this delay?

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