should I leave this job

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monstermummytummy Tue 08-Dec-20 14:11:21

I'm in a new job, been there a few months. I'm only very part time -2 days a week - at my request due to having kids. I am struggling a bit as its a fairly complex job and I'm just not in the office enough to learn what I need to feel comfortable in the job, I have made some errors and I think I should be performing better at this point. Added to this senior management are dragons and bully staff especially around mistakes so its stressful. I really want to leave but I'm pretty scared to due to the current climate. We don't need me to work and I would rather be at home with the kids. Am I reckless to just leave ?

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hillarypcof Tue 08-Dec-20 15:41:58

If you are confident that you don't need the work or the money then quit - mental health and sanity is far more important.
However, considering the jobs market/competition, don't make any rash decisions. Maybe stick it out for a few more weeks and see how you get on?

We all make mistakes, especially when we start a new job, it's all normal! It is part of the learning experience. Trust your gut, of course x

SlightDelay Tue 08-Dec-20 20:39:54

There are jobs out there if you can afford it job is worth your peace of mind.

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