Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - reasonable adjustments

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BecomeStronger Mon 07-Dec-20 11:20:06

A staff member has this diagnosis.

She is very difficult and has caused tremendous upset in the team by just being downright nasty, but this is apparently all down to her disability. It would be wonderful if we can find a way to support her with this condition. She keeps insisting that she's entitled to reasonable adjustments under the Disability Act, but can't identify what adjustments would help her. I'll refer to OH, but that takes a few weeks, does anyone have any suggestions?

She's a teacher so home working not a possibility and I'm struggling beyond that.

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FawnDrench Mon 07-Dec-20 19:53:48

Presume you have seen this very useful MIND information about PMDD.

It may fall under Equality act recognisable conditions, but it's a bit vague.
It depends how much the symptoms directly affect the ability of a person in their job.

yeOldeTrout Mon 07-Dec-20 19:57:22

Hope you work it out, OP.
It's possible she both has legit PMDD and is also a PITA, I'm not sure they have to be exclusive.
To me it feels presumptuous & patronising if you try to guess at what her adjustments should be. She has the privilege & the responsibility to tell you what they should be.

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