Applying for a job - asking why rejected

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mangoandraspberries Sat 05-Dec-20 09:40:43

Looking for advice from someone who works in recruitment.

I recently had a job offer rejected - purely based on CV, I didn’t even get an interview. The email from HR simply says because they had other CVs with skills more aligned to the job profile.

I’d like to ask for feedback on which skills they view me as lacking, but I’m not sure if that is done thing as it were? I completely accept their decision, it’s more that I’m likely to apply for similar roles at other organisations in future, so it would be useful to understand either what skills I don’t have so I can try to get them in my current role, or what isn’t coming across in my CV.

I have cross checked my CV against their role profile and can tick off all but one of the stated skills (so that is the obvious answer, but I’m slightly surprised to not get to interview stage if it’s just that one...)

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mangoandraspberries Sat 05-Dec-20 09:41:11

Sorry, should say I recently had a job application rejected!

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Ifailed Sat 05-Dec-20 09:44:29

in my experience, your chance of getting feedback is close to zero.

ZzzMarchhare Sat 05-Dec-20 09:45:24

Was there a person spec? Was it an essential skill? If so don’t ask but if they had enough people with all the skills there is probably no point asking for feedback. But usually asking for feedback is useful for you and also stands you in good stead as it shows the employer that you were really interested in the role not just applying as needed a job

SanFranciscoCocksucker Sat 05-Dec-20 09:49:50

They might have received 80 CVs and can only interview 6 people.

anniegun Sat 05-Dec-20 09:49:52

It cannot hurt to ask, but do not be surprised if you do not get a reply. They may well have had lots of applicants and screened out people on some pretty arbitrary grounds just to make the process manageable

SpamIAm Sat 05-Dec-20 09:51:46

If they didn't say at the application stage that they're unable to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants then there's no reason not to ask. That said, if you didn't meet all the essential criteria and others did then that's probably your answer.

There's always the possibility that shortlisting was done by an absolute idiot like one of my colleagues who rejected people for reasons such as "he sounds really good so I don't think he'll stay with us for long" and "I don't know with Brexit whether they'll actually be able to work here afterwards".

mangoandraspberries Sat 05-Dec-20 09:56:57

Thanks everyone, agree they’re likely to have received a lot of applications, including some with all the listed skills.

The one I am missing isn’t listed as one of the essential skills, but does form part of the tasks listed under the job description (so something I could learn to do, but haven’t done in previous roles).

I think I might ask if it is just that one, or if they have any further feedback, but not be surprised if I don’t get a response. Nothing to lose as someone said!

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HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 05-Dec-20 09:58:49

Ask but I've never responded to requests at a stage pre interview. Too many applicants.

catsmother20 Sun 06-Dec-20 09:26:08

You can do a subject access request in order to get any typed up short listing notes. We have a formal way of documenting the short listing process so are able to give that information, but not everyone will. Many places refuse feedback at short listing stage but if you do a subject access request and they have typed and/or organised their assessment, you have a right to it.

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