MacBook Air Essentials

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RiverMeadow Sun 29-Nov-20 21:19:20

Probably the wrong place to post but I have bought my husband a MacBook for Christmas and just wondering is there anything else I need to get to go with it? USB adapters and such? I'm so useless with this stuff!

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yeOldeTrout Sun 29-Nov-20 21:24:42

I like a neoprene case for transport. I managed to buy one without a charger so make sure you get one of those (charger I mean).

myneighboursarerude Sun 29-Nov-20 21:29:08

How fab! Perhaps a mouse? Would not recommend a Mac one though - they’re awful. There’s some great Bluetooth ones!

What about headphones? MacBooks don’t take Apple headphones.

Also a case for it?

Most importantly insurance! They’re not cheap to replace!

RiverMeadow Sun 29-Nov-20 22:33:59

Thank you both so much!

Does it not come with a charger? I'll need to check.

I will also get a case, is there a port for a mouse or shall I get a wireless one?

Thank you.

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myneighboursarerude Sun 29-Nov-20 22:52:17

No ports at all I've just realised which is infuriating!

You'll need a wireless one and also a multiport adapter so he can use USBs in it.

WillSantaBeComingToTown Thu 03-Dec-20 21:27:30

You need these if he has things that have a USB but won't connect wirelessly (printer will be wireless?)

I don't have anything else. Comes with a charger. Dont need a mouse as it has a track pad.

Will need an office package- but you many already have one

Thermo Thu 03-Dec-20 21:48:17

A USB-C adaptor hub for USB plugs. The MacBook has USB-C ports which will stop him using most common attachments.

The camera is awful on the new MacBooks - (I’ve compared my new one to my 2011 one and it’s worse!)

if he needs high quality for things like zoom/video recording, it’s probably good to get a seperate webcam.

WillSantaBeComingToTown Thu 03-Dec-20 22:38:09

The link above are the adaptors I use on my new Mac- so they are right

The camera on mine is great- no issues at all- crystal clear

The thing about a MacBook is that they are clean and simple- having mice, cases, accessories- they all just are unnecessary and ruin the reason you buy a MacBook

They have metal covers and so last forever with no need for a cover or case. I bung mine in my handbag.

Thermo Thu 03-Dec-20 23:12:56

^ sorry I should say the camera is fine for your average chat use but you won’t realise how bad it is until you’ve tried an external on it. It affects all recent MacBooks. I teach on zoom and I cringe knowing I used that inbuilt camera unaware of how low quality it was. I use a cheap external from Amazon and it’s insanely better. My students noticed the difference straight away.

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