Viable business taking its toll

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Aluminiumart Sun 29-Nov-20 08:09:28

I'm a dad with a viable business. I've been excluded from any government support and the disparity in support has been getting me down.
I would normally be out at events showing my work and making a decent living but these have all stopped. I've had 17 events cancelled this year. My work is tricky to photograph and really needs to be seen in person so website sales have not been fantastic. Usually repeat customers. There are thousands of virtual Christmas events where you may be lucky to make a sale. Let's face it, every man and his dog is trying to sell something online. I've been trolled with "everyone has been helped.." "there's support for every one".
I used to teach, as well as being an engineer and a craftsman coachbuilder. When the retirement age was changed from 60 to 67 I had a big gap in funding which I attempted to fill with my own savings. These diligent savings now count against me as it takes me over the limit for claiming universal credit. I failed SEISS due to the 50 50 rule as I started 3 years ago and made a lot of investments to get going. I'm told to retrain but am over qualified for any support.
I want to support my family. I don't want to be and feel excluded any more. I have a viable products to sell and I know people love them.
So, are others in the same boat? Where are you getting your Moral/financial support?

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