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Completely demoralised- not respected

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UncleBunclesHouse Wed 18-Nov-20 17:32:33

I am currently going through my calendar tomorrow moving any meetings I can to have a day of disconnecting as much as possible as I am so fed up.

I’m equivalent of ‘middle management’ in a big corporate and it appears lately that my role is just pointless. Things that should clearly be within my remit other people/departments just run off with and do things without even telling me never mind consulting - they are more senior and not a lot I can do about it. They take credit for my work and ideas too. My big boss I get on with well and I have explained some of the issues and some proposed solutions, they are however very laid back, have very big fish to fry and don’t really care tbh. My line manager I don’t get on with particularly well so no real support there. Its like I’m swimming uphill all the time to be heard or recognised.

MN-ers who get respected, recognition and this kind of thing doesn’t happen to - please tell me where I am going wrong sad

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