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strawberrysummer19 Tue 17-Nov-20 13:42:47

Hi everyone

Can someone advise me on a payroll question

So I've done payroll jobs before but only for a short time and it was a little company where I also did other things like HR bits and admin

I've just finished a HR course and now looking for a new role

I would love to work in a payroll role and can see lots of jobs out there in my area crying out....but all say must have experience ....
Although I have a little I wouldn't say I was proficient enough

I also haven't had any training just picked things up as I go along

What I would like as I'm temping at the moment which suits me fine is to find a payroll course where I can learn from the start for all the processes - online around my current hours

The research I've done is that Reed are doing courses for £10 and CIPP offer degrees

What I would like is a comprehensive course without spending thousands ( like I did with my hr )

If anyone can shed any light this would be much appreciated


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strawberrysummer19 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:56:50


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