Feeling so so useless

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Feelinguselesss Tue 17-Nov-20 09:36:39

I started a new job couple months back, its work from home and only part time.

Its stuff ive done before, well maybe with less structure as working from home, but i just feel so useless. My confidence is zero at the moment, so self conscious, feel fat and ugly and not good enough. Im struggling to stay productive and get the work done.

I do have a lot going on as well, im working on my side business trying to build it up to create enough income to be able to do it full time.
Im also moving house and area with my little one so changing schools and everything else that entails. Im a single parent so its me doing it all. The dad isnt around.

But im just feeling like a failure, im getting myself in a pickle with work stuff, feeling like im not very good at my job, they could probably get someone better. Embarrassed about it.

Also its making me think who am i kidding wanting to do the business full time, why on earth would someone pay me when they could use someone way better. sad

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