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Interview help!

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MissPollyEstherCardigan Mon 16-Nov-20 09:25:00

Hi everyone,

I have an interview coming up for a role editing educational materials, which is a bit of a change in sector for me, although I do have relevant experience from my current role and previous jobs. I've been thinking about the sort of questions that might come up in the interview - possibly questions about what makes a good text, how I might handle conversations with authors/academics about their articles/resources, as well as all of the usual questions about why I'm suited to the position etc.

What other things might they be likely to ask me? If anyone has any suggestions to help structure my prep, I'd be very grateful indeed!

Many thanks flowers

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FTMF30 Mon 16-Nov-20 19:06:36

I've no experience in this role but, most of the time, clues of the questions that will be asked will be in the job spec. Have a good read through that and try to rephrase some key requirements as a question.

There will likely be lots of competency based questions, so have lots of scenarios ready to answer using the STAR method.

Good luck!

Cornishmumofone Mon 16-Nov-20 19:23:45

If it's with Wiley, run for the hills!

Do they expect you to have content authoring skills? (Eg can you use Articulate Storyline?)

How will you ensure that the content is pitched at the appropriate level?

How would you deal with the subject matter expert if you think their pedagogical approach is wrong?

MissPollyEstherCardigan Tue 17-Nov-20 12:36:04

Thank you both for your kind advice! Sorry, I tried to reply to this first thing but my message hasn't sent/posted.

@FTMF30, that's a great suggestion, thank you! I've been back through my application and the person specification, so I'll keep doing more of that.

@cornishmumofone that's interesting about avoiding Wiley! It's not with them, but I'm intrigued - what has your experience been of them? Thanks also for the sector-specific questions, those are great!

I really appreciate your help, thank you both smile

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