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Any Business Analysts out there?

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rainbowcakes Tue 17-Nov-20 20:35:58

Hi OP, I'm a BA. Your skills sounds great for a business analyst role. You have much more experience than me in those areas!

I work in the utilities industry and i love it, always working on a variety of interesting projects smile

LittleOverwhelmed Sat 14-Nov-20 18:16:16

I am currently in a sabbatical and looking for new opportunities and possibly a career change: wondering if a move to Business Analysis would be an option.

Currently a Systems Engineer and have been working in a Team Lead role. So I am experienced in Requirements Engineering, Requirements Management (including DOORS and Jira), Critical / Systems Thinking, developing Use Cases and Sequence Diagrams, Stakeholder Management, Process writing and improvement, Workshopping, Planning and Scheduling, Risk identification and management, technical review, team leadership etc. Also security cleared and have experience in safety critical domains.

Looking for new challenges and happy to step back a bit to gain good foundations. I really want to work with people: I am good at developing rapport and relationships (which has helped with the leadership).

Does Business Analysis sound like a good move? Any particularly notable employers out there? Who will develop talent? Any advice on how to look into this further?

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