Let's face it....work is shit isn't it?!

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malificent7 Thu 12-Nov-20 19:15:57

Don't get me wrong, I do have a work ethic and put 150% into what I do but omg...the politics. Just went for a job interview today but I don't think my boss likes me so prob won'y get it.
Plus I perform as best I can but somehow I am never quite good enough. At 42 I am fed up of having to be the best continuously.
Oh...and I have been bullied in the workplace. Id rather stay at home with my lovely cat.
Aibu to feel not all of are cut out to be a career woman?

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Countdowntonothing Thu 12-Nov-20 19:31:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

audreysmother Thu 12-Nov-20 19:33:07

Completely agree. It’s shit.

Lazysundayafternoons Thu 12-Nov-20 19:37:45

Yep.. I'm just absolutely mentally drained. I don't know how much longer I can do this for.

malificent7 Thu 12-Nov-20 19:48:33

I AM retraining! Still hate it!

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Liftup Thu 12-Nov-20 19:50:14

no I enjoy working and my job. whenever I havent enjoyed it I've left and found one I did.

Eckhart Thu 12-Nov-20 19:51:18

No, work isn't shit. It's shit if you choose something you feel is shit. Same as anything else.

grassisjeweled Thu 12-Nov-20 19:52:59

Same here. Utter bollocks

malificent7 Thu 12-Nov-20 19:53:05

Unfortunately I work to pay the bills...i am not into workplace politics at all and would rather be alone.

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malificent7 Thu 12-Nov-20 19:53:42

I want to do art all day but unfortunately I cannot eat acrylic paint!

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TiddleTaddleTat Thu 12-Nov-20 19:54:10

No I'm with you OP. I love my job but would rather sit with my cat, draw, or do gardening. Going to try and go part time as a compromise

Chottie Thu 12-Nov-20 19:55:44

OP - you have my sympathy I have been in your shoes.......

All the backstabbing, petty office politics and bullying. sad

Ragwort Thu 12-Nov-20 20:01:51

I don't agree personally, but I have a job I love, plenty of autonomy & I feel I make a positive contribution...I work for a charity.

Currently furloughed and can't wait to get back to work. After the previous lockdown I realised I am in no hurry to retire ... and I am 62 grin.

amitoooldforthisshit Thu 12-Nov-20 20:02:26

sitting on your arse on UC wouldn't be any better id imagine

malificent7 Thu 12-Nov-20 20:55:48

Pottering around on universal credit was infinately less stressful....but goes against my desire to contribute...
The thing is...I WANT to contribute and make a difference but omg....the politics!

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Ningnang2000 Fri 13-Nov-20 04:18:00

Yup. Work is crap. I'm in a trap. Worked in the same place all my adult life. Do very specific job with virtually no other companies in my region to move to. I get paid quite well so makes no financial sense to retrain. I hate the politics and the drama. Just want to do my job, get recognised for what I do and go home. I feel like I'm back at school sometimes with the cliques and nonsense. I thinkni'm the only one in the office that actually wants to work from home soni can avoid all that but I can't. Sometimes it's better the devil you know.

quelquechose Fri 13-Nov-20 04:30:06

Yep the politics and drama is so draining. WFH this year is the best thing that has happened to me for years. I can do my job and enjoy it more without having to engage with the toxic bits. So much happier.

Previously I have found meditation / mindfulness worked well to help me minimise the stress (like OP, I also feel disliked and bullied). Very sexist environment and it’s depressing as I have no options to retrain /leave.

So happy to be at home with my cat and family smile.

But yes, work is shit - but maybe it passes and it is not shit forever. And the rest of life can be pretty amazing smile.

malificent7 Fri 13-Nov-20 06:07:23

I want to work from home but can't as im nhs.

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Pluckedpencil Fri 13-Nov-20 06:18:57

Working from home removed interaction and thereby removes politics. If you can find something home based (you will need to think creatively) it is better.

Ragwort Fri 13-Nov-20 06:33:32

I feel very lucky, I am over 60 and have never experienced a toxic work atmosphere or bitchy colleagues. I've had the occasional colleague who might have been a bit difficult to work with but generally all the places I have worked in have been very pleasant and I agree I have been incredibly fortunate. I can't wait to get back to work, being at home (in Covid times - when opportunities to do much are limited) feels very dull, probably something to do with my grumpy DH grin.

AbsolutWitch Fri 13-Nov-20 06:35:35

Yep it's shit, I'm also NHS, totally get it. Office politics, staff shortages, workload so big it's impossible, really poor physical working conditions. Constant grief about things not up to scratch (see big workload), impossible targets. I could go on.

Rockbird Fri 13-Nov-20 06:43:55

Yep, it's shit at the moment anyway. I love my job, really do. But I work in a school and all the joy has gone out of it. No chattering children coming in with their cut knees or messages or telling us tales. It's all screens and masks and tension. I want it back to how it was sad. Thankfully I have fab colleagues but everyone is (understandably) so subdued, including me.

JaneAndMichaelStamp Fri 13-Nov-20 06:44:51

I love my job but i despise workplace politics. I can't bear all the cunning, sly moves and people thinking they are being really clever. It's much more clever to just have straightforward conversations where everyone knows where they stand as a get on with the job. Some people live for it though. I do love watching from the side lines when they come unstuck.

JaneAndMichaelStamp Fri 13-Nov-20 06:46:42

I've also noticed I'm much less tolerant of work place politics now I've got kids. I need to get my job done in as few hours as possible and don't have time for all the double crossing.

fizzyp0p Fri 13-Nov-20 06:53:08

I like my actual job and when I'm alone on shift I'm ok, it's the others I can't stand and the general public aren't much better grin

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