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Jesuswept33 Mon 09-Nov-20 05:31:02

Hello, NC as very outing.

I work in a small company in an admin role. Part of my role is providing cover for the Front of House when they are away, lunch cover, preplanned and booked meetings etc and two hours in the AM before their shift start (they work late shift)

Front of house must be manned at all times. V busy with phones and visitors sometimes.

Colleague has had issues since starting , late for work constantly (meaning I cover longer) late back from lunch, going to meetings with no preplan so I am covering without knowing and puts me behind on work I was planning to do etc. I am very organised so find it hard when my planned day changes when it could have been managed better (understand sometimes there is emergencies, last minute crop ups etc, all fine)

I have explained to colleague multiple times the knock on effect of lateness and last minute cover and how it disrupts me. Explained that I like to be organised etc. They give excuses but say yep yep understand , won't happen again.

Manager also aware of issues and has addressed them with colleague.

Today I am just at the end of my teather. Colleague asked for swap shift. I agreed , it impacts my home life but it's ok occasionally I don't mind doing the favour. I still had to come in early for a meeting so essentially doing both shifts.
They came in late , no apology for it then just kept swanning off. So they asked for my shift then was late for it anyway and put me behind set up for my meeting. I came out of my meeting and front house not being manned as off doing a non urgent task.

I am just fed up of it.

I have kept my head down the rest of the day cracking on and they have asked me what's up. I should say but I am just fed up repeating as it makes no difference or will just be an excuse .

What can I do? It's really starting to make me dislike my role (I love everything else and want to stay here) but we are suppose to be a team and work together and it doesn't feel that way now .

Or am I overreacting? Suggestions on other ways the approach ?

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Mintjulia Mon 09-Nov-20 05:39:41

Start saying no. Be unavailable to switch lunch hours. Have a dentist appointment or similar.

Make it clear they have over-used your kindness.

Jesuswept33 Mon 09-Nov-20 05:48:21

@Mintjulia yes your right , I should say no but I always try and do the best for the business too. It's so hard when she just doesn't come back till late and says nothing or poor excuse . Everyone else manages it. envy

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StrictlyAFemaleFemale Mon 09-Nov-20 05:49:47

Stop being helpful. Presumably you have some sort of calender system? If its not in there you are not available as you have allocated your time to other tasks.

Dont jade justidy apologise defend explain. If they ask say I cant help you or no that doesnt work for me. Youll have to find another solution.

StrictlyAFemaleFemale Mon 09-Nov-20 05:52:27

but I always try and do the best for the business Is that a 2 way street? The business should be doing its best for you by managing the others that impact on your job and mh.

Jesuswept33 Mon 09-Nov-20 05:58:06

Your all so right.

I think I doubt because I am so organised and get really anxious when things aren't planned etc, I worry if I overreacting because of my own rigid ness .

I have said no a few times and I am questioned why? Even if it's why I can't swap to late (so personal things)

The colleague is essentially my junior but acts like they are my manager sometimes confused

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NeonGenesis Mon 09-Nov-20 06:03:44

Its not overreacting at all to be pissed off with a colleague who often turns up late, thus meaning that you have to stay late. That's a very normal thing to get pissed off about so please stop doubting yourself.

Definitely say no to all future requests from this colleague regarding shift swapping and any other favours. No more favours. They have used up their chances with you now.

I would also go back to your supervisor and speak to them again. Ask them what will change going forward. Don't let them fob you off.

Caeruleanblue Mon 09-Nov-20 06:03:50

Maybe they could employ someone for permanent front office cover?
Could you ask for a letter or something listing your work priorities so you can leave the front to do meeting arrangements if that is considered the priority by your manager.
Maybe you could look around for another job, not easy but it might make you feel less trapped and at the mercy of this lazy person's whims.

Jesuswept33 Mon 09-Nov-20 06:12:36

The nature of my role means I have a lot of meetings and I have often been late because they are not back at the desk on time scheduled and they just look bewildered at the fact they were expected back, even when I have pre-warned that I need to be at a meeting immedietely after the cover - I can't hint any bigger!

I hate the fact I look bad then turning up late to my meeting.

Unfortunately I am 'main cover' and there's a few others that occasionally help. It's not busy enough for x2 front of house. It's up and down with work load as sometimes it can be back to back calls and sometimes nothing, hard to judge.

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justilou1 Mon 09-Nov-20 06:21:00

Just state “Because you are chronically unreliable and I am tired of carrying the can for you. You don’t care that you affect my business and family life, so I am unprepared to make any more allowances on your behalf.”

rose69 Mon 09-Nov-20 06:22:35

Speak to your manager and ask if you should keep a diary of extra front desk cover you are having to provide

Jesuswept33 Mon 09-Nov-20 06:32:29

Manager has said previously I can say no as she has been told repeatedly to put in the diary.

She is abit of a fibber so can sometimes say someone else is covering when they are not because she forgot .

Think I will bring up with manager again though . Usually let it slide a lot but today really grated me , working a long day (no time back btw) to help her and she still rocked up late !!

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Lobelia123 Mon 09-Nov-20 06:37:56

I think youre a GREAT employee, but sadly not everyone is. The only way this will stop is if the business addresses it. Trying to sort it out one or one hasnt worked, she just blows you off and does her own thing to her own convenience. The only way the business will step up and correct her behaviour is of it impacts them directly. So stop covering for her, let her slip up and let the business suffer and notice, then they will do something. Dont let their 'doing something' be instructing you to sort it out. Let management actually manage. I know this is probably going against everything you instinctively want to do, but its a case of short term pain for long term gain. Let her mess up, and let her get caught out.

Jesuswept33 Mon 09-Nov-20 07:01:43

Thanks all for supportive messages, think I need to grow my backbone abit for sure.

Will definitely be saying no to the swaps now after today and speak to my manager once back . Phew.
Feel better just from ranting grin

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custardbear Mon 09-Nov-20 07:36:26

Speak to your manager. Tell your manager this woman is affect but your working life and making you late and you look like you're disorganised by being late.

Also be clear to the person involved / I've
Got a meeting starting at 2pm, you need to be back here by 1:55pm because you're affecting my job now and that's unacceptable

Also don't be flexible for her either, she's not playing the game, she's taking advantage of your good nature and she's taking the piss

Jesuswept33 Mon 09-Nov-20 08:10:27

Yes she has asked to do a once a week swap and I said not as a definite every week . Just as and when required to book but I no longer want to do that after today, I think it's to much .

I am going to say tomorrow no, it no longer works for me.

I do worry incase the business makes me though as she will go to our manager about it. But it's a personal reason for her wanting to swap and she can't actually make it for my shift so she is just win win.

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Jesuswept33 Mon 09-Nov-20 08:12:56

We did come to blows recently as when she was booking me (last minute) to cover and I couldn't due to other meetings or when MD was booking me for meetings across planned times (therefore I have no choice) she said it was my responsibility to find someone else. I pushed back and she refused then our manager had to intervene and said front of house is her job and therefore her responsibility.

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rookiemere Mon 09-Nov-20 08:20:32

Whilst your colleague sounds useless, it also sounds as if having Front of Office permanently manned on current staff levels is not possible. Does useless colleague have meetings to go to as well ? If so then where possible these should be given to someone else. If her primary role is Front of House, then she shouldn't be doing loads of other things as well.

Keep a diary of every instance and raise with your manager. I'm unsure if you are technically meant to be her manager as if so raise with her. Stop agreeing to changes as your helpfulness has masked your colleagues inability to work her agreed hours for some time now.

RandomMess Mon 09-Nov-20 09:33:21

You need to speak to your manager and explain that it's having a massive impact on your ability to do your job properly and what is their solution to this person turning up late etc?

TBH it sounds like this person needs to be replaced!!!

custardbear Mon 09-Nov-20 11:29:18

@Jesuswept33 - I think you need to gather your thoughts about what she's doing to upset the working practice wheee you are. Write down concise examples. Also give some instances where she's late and she's impacted on your job beyond the FOH cover. Also consider those times when she's shirking responsibility over to you for her own job

Then make an appointment with your manager about these things and see if you can move forwards. You shouldn't have to work like that. It sounds like she thinks everyone owes her a favour, when in reality she's taken a job with certain responsibilities and she needs to fulfill them, and address her tardiness

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