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Lifedilemmaz Sun 08-Nov-20 20:38:41

I am 40 something and in a stable job but I have lost my passion for what I do and find that I am on an endless rollercoaster of emotions at work - sometimes feeling good about my role and other times just desperate to leave. The role can often be very stressful so I have been trying to work towards a career change.

In the summer I had a short time off work for stress leave following a bereavement and also as a result of the toll of lockdown and childcare / work juggling. I thought I had come out the other side but am now feeling overwhelmed again, particularly since my workload is enormous once more and I am just completely exhausted.

My longer term plan was to try to build up some more experience of my new career area in my current role before trying to make a side move as and when an opportunity arose. However, a more junior role than my current one, but in this new area, has opened up at work and I have an interview.

Something doesn’t feel right though and I don’t know if it’s fear or stress or something else. But is it worth taking two steps down in terms of seniority, to get into a new area and out of the stressful situation? Or should I stick it out a bit and try to side step in due course? This next step feels like an important one in terms of my career path and I don’t want to make a mistake, especially during these crazy times.

Would a step down in the same company look bad?

The things I like about my current role are team management, autonomy and strategic work. New role would put me back into more of a ‘doing’ role with no team to manage and potentially could be a bit isolating.

Would I be swapping one kind of stress for another? Help!

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DoubleDessertPlease Thu 12-Nov-20 00:18:36

Hi @Lifedilemmaz sorry to hear about the bereavement this summer. Sorry I’m late to this and I’ve more questions than answers.

Will you have the same potential for promotion in the new job, I.e. will you be able to get back to your current seniority fairly quickly?

things I like about my current role are team management, autonomy and strategic work.

There sounds like there’s actually quite a lot you enjoy in your current role, which you won’t have in this new role? Could it just be your current company rather than role that’s the issue? It does sound like you’re being overworked (understandable though if others are on furlough etc).

It sounds like your guts telling you somethings not right with this change, you’d have to be really sure before making the move. Could you see if you can have your current workload reduced in any way, maybe a chat with your manager? Would there be a short term loss of earnings but better potential in the future with the change? Are you absolutely sure the new role will be as enjoyable as you hope? Lots to weigh up I think!

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