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dltk Sat 07-Nov-20 13:18:34

So bit of a background- I started a new job in January, I love it. Felt like I was picking it up well, getting on with the team and I really feel like I could make a long term career there. In July we had a new team member start and I’ve tried to be nice and helpful but to cut a long story short I can’t stand her. She’s lazy, does nothing all unless the boss is around then she pretends to be the most hardworking employee ever...until the boss then leaves the room. The problem is her job directly impacts mine so it’s got to the point I’m working hours after I’m supposed to finish and coming in early just to get my job done well since I’m spending most of my working day picking up what she should be doing. I’m also not claiming for these hours as we can’t be paid overtime because of Covid. Aside from this when I’m trying to help a colleague for example or discussing something with a client she constantly interrupts me and undermines me with a different approach or a pointless story about how something is possible but we can’t go it for x, y, z reasons. I don’t mind hearing different opinions of course but there’s a time and place (and it would be nice to have this not come across in a cocky and arrogant manner). I’ve mentioned my concerns to my boss but not a lot has really be done (partly I think, because she doesn’t witness how bad it is when she’s not around!)

Anyway, I’m getting so frustrated to the point I’ve snapped at said colleague 3 times in the last month. Once I apologised for and just yesterday when my boss was around. I saw my boss raise her eyebrows so she definitely heard. I feel like I’m coming across as a terrible person and a massive bitch, obviously I’m relatively new to the team myself and I don’t want to people to think I’m a terrible person (I’m not!) but I’m so frustrated at how things are. I’m a team player and I’m happy to help out wherever needed but it’s not the fact they need help or can’t do something it’s the fact they’re just lazy! I want to do my job well so i feel like I can’t just clock off when I should otherwise nothing would get done and that would reflect on me.

I really just need some help on how to navigate this. I know I shouldn’t lose my temper and I’m trying not too but the whole thing just winds me up sometimes, especially when I have a mountain of work I need to do that I can’t do because I’m having to deal with their clients/emails/phone calls etc... I don’t want to damage my relationship with my team because other than this particular person I feel like we all get on wonderfully but at the same time I feel like my relationship with this new colleague is portraying me in a terrible light. any advice?

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Someonesayroadtrip Sat 07-Nov-20 14:03:45

What happens when you're off, does she pull her weight then?

stanski Sat 07-Nov-20 14:08:33

Take a week off and let the boss see how said colleague doesn't do what she's meant to do

StrictlyAFemaleFemale Sat 07-Nov-20 14:09:04

Dealing with her is not your problem to fix. Nothing will be done until you make it your managers problem. So everytime you cant do your work because of her you need to let your boss know. In writing. Stop doing the overtime.

BlueThistles Sat 07-Nov-20 14:49:16

Raise an official grievance complaint with HR ... you cannot keep covering her lazy arse to the detriment to your own position and especially if it affecting your hours/income and your personal relations with your peers ... this is seriously fucked up OP..

you must speak up.. in an official capacity... otherwise you may lose your position because you're desperately stressed and lashing out 🌺

tass1960 Sat 07-Nov-20 16:08:22

Ugh - I've not long started a new job and this exact thing was part of the reason I did. Everyone knew that our colleague was being lazy but did nothing about it. I'm now in a job that it doesn't matter to me what anyone else is doing because it doesn't impact on me.

I found myself being completely vile to her and it wasn't a trait I liked.

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