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Time with my child over career ?

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Chancey05 Wed 04-Nov-20 22:03:55

My dilemma,
Ive been offered the job I've been wanting for years, (civil service great security, pensions chance to progress etc) however, it's full time - shift work😣 . My current job is part time; 3 days a week.
I have a 1 year old boy and childcare isn't really an issue at my current job, as he stays with grandparents and childminder 1 day a week ) . ive been working at the same place for 10 years now and the only thing good about it is the hours.
By taking the new job, I'd be missing out on a lot of time that I'd usually get to spend with my son. I feel like I'd be missing out on a lot. Also I'd have more to pay out for childcare so wouldn't be really gaining much, money wise in per month . The new job would be a career and something I've wanted to do for a long time. Just dont know if it would be worth losing out on the time with my son and to mess around family with changing shift patterns etc ...feel like children are only young once and I might miss out and totally regret leaving the part time role ....🥺🥺 anyone had any similar experience x

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user1471519931 Wed 04-Nov-20 22:40:53

Will you be WFH because of COVID?

Alicesweewonders Thu 05-Nov-20 16:29:18

It's a difficult one & I may be in the same boat. Currently working part-time perfect hours around my wee one but I am applying for the Civil Service, this will be my 3rd time applying though - those damn tests keep getting me!

The Civil Service is definitely a coveted job, fantastic career opportunities, pay & conditions. Long term it could set you up nicely. If you work there for a while you could look at part-time opportunities within?

Or if you have another child, there's usually great maternity pay & you could request part-time working.

I plan on taking the job, if I'm lucky enough to get it. There like golddust here, something to think about.

Chancey05 Thu 05-Nov-20 20:16:36

Thanks everyone, its soo tough as ive wanted to do this job for years . Think I'd regret it if I didn't go for it. I'm fully independent single parent have my own mortgage etc and can still live comfortably on part time wage just could be a struggle with childcare on shift work. Think I might go down the route of getting established there, then see if theres any part time or better hours going anywhere . Better to get the foot in the door I think ! smile

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Chewbecca Thu 05-Nov-20 20:18:26

I’d take it and plan to request shorter hours at a later date, perhaps when your DS goes to school.

Chancey05 Thu 05-Nov-20 20:23:49

Cant help but feel massive guilt... I suppose worst case scenario is I hate it and miss my boy too much and i look for a new part time somewhere x

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Manga38 Thu 19-Nov-20 06:57:58


How did it go? Did you take the job? I'm feeling exactly the same as you. I have been offered a great job, but crippling myself with anxiety over not being with my sons as much.

I actually think they would benefit more if I took the job, but the anxiety comes from me!


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