Nursing career change, need advise.

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KittenMittens1 Fri 23-Oct-20 07:33:16

Since having my little boy it's become clear how unhappy I am in my career. I want to train to be a nurse in the nhs.

However I already have a business management degree. I have no idea in terms of funding I'd get to help. How much is a nursing degree ? Can I get more student loans?

I really need to do this but do t think I'm going to be able to pay the mortgage while retraining. Any advise will be appreciated x

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Pippioddstocking Fri 23-Oct-20 07:50:25

What kind of Nurse would you like to be? Some areas offer " apprenticips " so that you can be funded on the promise you work in that area afterwards.
If you contact some NHS trusts directly they may be able to tell you if these schemes are running near you locally.

Good luck . I've been a Nurse for 20 years, best job in the world. 😀

Itsalwayssunnyupnorth Fri 23-Oct-20 08:05:09

If you already have a degree some universities offer a a nursing qualification at masters level which can be done in 2 years but they looks at prior experience/work experience. For your nursing degree you can take further loans and there are Changes happening with bursaries I think. Most institutions have people you can contact who will go through what you can access/are entitled to. There are now options to also do a more apprenticeship model with some NHS trusts however just to be aware this is a longer process as you usually have to work in the trust as a healthcare assistant first, do the nursing associate qualification and then a further degree top up qualification to become an RN. Nursing associates are registered with the NMC but can’t go above band 4 usually without topping up to full registration. This is sometimes a more realistic albeit slower process to qualification. Each trust will have a practice development or practice facilitator team who link student nurses/universities with the hospital departments and support students when on clinical placements, they are usually happy to be contacted and answer questions. Also keeping an eye on local trust’s social media as they will advertise recruitment events/opportunities. Another option to see how you feel about it is applying for the nurse bank at your local hospital and doing some health care assistant work. I love aspects of my job as a nurse however there are challenging elements (not always the ones you think) and going in with your eyes wide open and prior exposure is a good idea.

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