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Sciencebabe Fri 16-Oct-20 06:23:29

I am a late bloomer. 33yrs old. I don't come from a highly educated family and never really had the support in my life to know how to aim for a good career. There was a lot of emotional and psychological abuse in my life at home. I also grew up on an island where there are very little jobs other than minimum wage hospitality and care. I left school at 16 with only 7 GCSEs and waitressed for years before learning a bit about how the world was and what my friends had managed to achieve ahead of me. I tried to catch up by going to college and uni in my 20's, but only managed a HND by the age of 28, despite doing resits in my second year. I had a new baby and very needy husband who cheated on me while I was struggling to study and parent basically alone in my first year. (He has grown up since then, we are now 33, our relationship is not an issue anymore. We are all sorted in that department.) I've recently had 2yrs as a SAHM with my second child. During that time I enrolled in to an accounting course to study from home and was looking at starting my own decluttering and organisation business. I was really in to it and excited. This was because my husband is military and there was no NHS roles in our new town that would work around parenting and housekeeping for the family's needs. In April we bought our own home and I managed to get an entry level job in science/NHS band 2 lab work during COVID, utilising the HND and meaning I could work on it if I wanted to in future, to get higher banded jobs. We live married unaccompanied and he's home every weekend or so. But one month in and I now feel the science spark has gone for me with this sector. Mostly because the people I work with are awful at their jobs, awful with safety and scientific knowledge, and it's just accepted to be a lower standard because we're an isolated island. I am also suprisingly now on to baby number three, unplanned after a failed vasectomy, and due to go on maternity in January. I don't want to waste an opportunity for a good paying job, (18k/yr here is a lot to us) but I'm so conflicted with what to do with myself once new baby is here. Not working is not an option due to our mortgage and children/basic needs/outgoings.

Do I spend my maternity leave getting back in to my accounting and decluttering dream, completing a couple of leftover sections, making a business plan and think about starting my own business, or do I just chill out and wait to return to the NHS and go with the inevitable slow flow of dead man's shoes progression? I currently work 9-5.30, so my day starts at 5.30/6am where I am putting the kids in to breakfast clubs etc and relying on my parents for after school childcare. I'd love for it to be shorter or on my own time, but also don't want to jeopardise an income that I am currently safe with.
Advice please. I'm not good at making the right career decisions and don't want to be accused of wasting my life 😔 I care very much of what family think about me wasting time or being indecisive and all I want in life is to be proud of my career achievements, not embarrassed about aiming and failing. Thank you

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Fressia123 Fri 16-Oct-20 07:03:35

I'd say of £18k is a lot for you on that island, what makes you think your business will bring that much money? I live in a semi deprived arra where £18k is maybe not average but not terrible and I would never have thought that a decluttering business (soethy I'd

Fressia123 Fri 16-Oct-20 07:04:59

Sorry browser was being weird... A decluttering business I would say is a luxury service if £18k is acceptable then, IMO there isn't a market. Also, (without wanting to sound pedantic) the word you want to use is "conflict".

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