Any Careers Advisers out there? Trainee CA job offer.

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PepperMooMoo Fri 16-Oct-20 13:04:12

That's not really true, not anyone can be a careers advisor in England.... you have to be at least working towards the QCF level 6, that's a statutory requirement.

sassanach Thu 15-Oct-20 22:42:21

is it with SDS as they recruit trainee careers advisers?

I'd say SDS place more value on careers advisers than across the border into England where anyone can be a careers adviser - you can get a job without the necessary postgraduate / masters. SDS also pay much more.

I'm a qualified careers adviser but no longer work in the careers part of SDS, this is because although it is well paid, I felt I was actually overpaid for the work I was actually doing. I was BORED.

Higher Education careers services are slightly different from SDS and also slightly different on both sides of the border. You do a lot more in Higher Education but not quite paid as well.

Avoid the CDI like the plague! You really don't need to be a member. You are paying for SFA. Better to join AGCAS (if in HE that is).

PepperMooMoo Thu 15-Oct-20 20:54:42

Hi, I'm a careers advisor/manager. I work in a large secondary school with attached sixth form, I'm there full time and oversee/plan all careers related learning in years 7-13.

You'll need to be at least working towards a level 6 qualification to deliver the guidance, who are you working for? What are the targets? Is it phoned based?

Guidance is a complex process, most people think you just tell people what job to do! There is a huge amount of theory that supports good guidance, and bad careers guidance can be so damaging!! LMI is changing considerably and rapidly at the moment due to COVID/Brexit.

It's a hard slog, some days in my job can feel repetitive but I'm so lucky, the students are great and you get to have some wonderful conversations!

Feel free to DM me if you have any more questions!

Asvan Thu 15-Oct-20 20:48:28


I have been offered a job as a Trainee Careers Adviser. I applied for the job a few months ago and had the interview last week. In normal circumstances, as part of the recruitment process, I would have had to shadow a Careers Adviser for the day but with Covid it was just a standard interview.

It is a role which I have always had an interest in and applied for it because it matches a lot of the skills that I have and also because the company will invest in me and pay for my qualifications.

I have a degree in History and never really knew which career I wanted. Since having children, I have worked as a Teaching Assistant at a local school. I like the job as it fits in around my children but I'm really bored of it and there is no career progression.

I do really want to say yes to the role but want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Are there any Careers Advisers out there that can tell me what your job is like and what you enjoy about it? I really dont want to give up my current job to find out I really hate my new job. I am particularly worried about the new role as they expect you to meet certain targets and I haven't worked in a high pressure environment for a long time.

My long term goal would be to work at a college or university as a welfare or careers adviser.

Thanks in advance.

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