Starting night shifts soon

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moolady1977 Sun 11-Oct-20 23:23:28

I'm starting to do night shifts soon at work and looking for tips and advice on sleeping in the day if anyone can help

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StephenBelafonte Sun 11-Oct-20 23:46:14

Blackout blinds together with blackout curtains and proper fitted ear plugs - not the ones you buy in boots but the ones musicians and shooters wear that you get properly fitted for.

QueenOllie Sun 11-Oct-20 23:48:24

Treat it like a day if you can. I used to get in, have "dinner" and watch a bit of TV or read then go to bed so effectively reversing my day. Then get up, shower, have breakfast

FlorenceNightshade Mon 12-Oct-20 05:27:24

Stay up as late as you can the night before and sleep for as long as you can the morning of. Even if you aren’t properly sleeping try and doze till at least early afternoon. The first night it can be hard to get into the routine but usually you’re properly tired when you get home the second morning so you can eat, shower and repeat.

Pixxie7 Mon 12-Oct-20 05:57:26

I worked nights for years as pp turn your night into day. I used to stay up late. get up really early. Then went to bed in the afternoon prior to working

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