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Heard nothing following an interview

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DailyLotion Wed 07-Oct-20 17:21:22

It was for an SLT post in a school. Long delays in the recruitment process (first applied in Feb), lots of changes to arrangements due to covid but eventually I did 2 days of assessments and interview tasks, three weeks ago and have heard nothing since. Not a thing.

The job I applied for was advertised in TES, LA jobs, the Guardian and on the school website. I've just spotted that a similar but slightly different role is now advertised on the website but nowhere else.

My Dad (my biggest fan grin ) reckons I was the strongest candidate so they've had to re-write it for someone they wanted to appoint. I find that unlikely, but what did happen?

Would you let it go or get in touch? TBH by the end of it, I'd decided the school wasn't for me anyway but it is very rude to not get in touch at all after 2 days of interviews.

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FlorenceNightshade Wed 07-Oct-20 18:45:47

Definitely email them and ask for feedback! That’s horribly rude to put you through an ordeal like that and then not even send a standard email afterwards.

mumznet Thu 08-Oct-20 22:38:58

after three weeks its fine to follow up. I would follow up you never know maybe you might still have a chance

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