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Considering webcamming - Best sites to apply on?

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MumH33 Tue 06-Oct-20 10:39:32

I've been considering camming for a while and I was just wondering if anybody here has any suggestions on what the best sites are to cam on, or has any experience with any.
I'm recently a single mum of 3 and have been finding it difficult to find a full time job especially since covid started.
I know the sites that are based in the US but I really want to work for a UK based site, any help or advice is appreciate.

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Josie1968 Wed 14-Oct-20 23:21:42

What is camming..?

Thesuzle Wed 14-Oct-20 23:23:19

Omg do you mean porn website cramming ? Please dont

CannonCaboodle Thu 15-Oct-20 00:12:47

Keep looking for a decent job.

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