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App for team scheduling

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Lurchermom Mon 05-Oct-20 16:51:49

Hello, I'm hoping someone might be able to suggest a great app or programme for me!

I'm a manager at my work place (mid level) and I have a team of 7 people who all work a set shift (2-10pm). We have about 6 jobs which need to worked on rotation (not everyone can do all jobs) and I'm looking for some kind of app or programme that I can input rotas into? At the moment I do it by hand/type it up onto Microsoft word/excel and it just feels so old-fashioned! It can't be anything we pay for as company won't support it, but I think there must be something out there which provides this feature? Most scheduling or rota apps I have tried just want to input shifts for different times and different days - I want something to break down the shift we all do!
Looking forward to some suggestions!

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