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Help! Civil Service transfer between depts and LMs can’t agree

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Levithecat Tue 29-Sep-20 17:56:26

I’m a G7 in the CS. I’ve been offered a post (same grade) in another department, but my line manager doesn’t want to release me ‘anytime soon’. She’s pushing for 8 weeks but the new dept say this isn’t acceptable. I know my current LM will not budge. The CS guidance states 4-8 weeks but it’s all a bit unclear and our HR business partner says anything over 4 is unusual and mainly for SCS in exceptional circumstances.

Does anyone know how a solution is brokered? Is there a chance the new dept will withdraw my offer if my LM won’t compromise?

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vincettenoir Tue 29-Sep-20 21:04:21

Something similar happened to me when moving depts in the CS. Tbh there was little I could do, I just let it play out between the depts but I found it surprisingly stressful. I remember it was very important that my Service ran consecutively so my first day at my new dept was immediately after the last day at my old dept or it would affect my leave and benefits. Good luck and I hope it resolves itself soon. My guess is that if you’re the preferred candidate the new dept wouldn’t give you up for the sake of waiting an extra 4 weeks.

Levithecat Tue 29-Sep-20 21:30:09

Thank you for replying, @vincettenoir. Yes it is stressful, thanks for the understanding. Both sides are digging their heels in at the moment and both have a good business case for their position. I am concerned they’ll just say no. Hard to have no say in the process! I did read in the guidance that you should not hand your notice in as it can impact pension etc.

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