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Hate my boss

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HeartGirls Fri 25-Sep-20 12:07:20

Quite true as a one off they are all trivial but now I just feel like he's taking the mickey out of me and I get a bit upset but mainly cross but I've never reacted. I always hoped by showing no reaction he'd get bored of at least doing it to me but so far it's not worked and I'm certainly not going to turn the tables on him and do it back as much as I'd like too!

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ProfMcGonigle Thu 24-Sep-20 16:48:18

This is a difficult one as his comments are probably quite benign as a one-off.

I'd be keeping a diary of every tome he does this, what was the context and how did you feel as a result.

Then you have some evidence of continual unacceptable behaviour that you can take to HR.

I wouldn't confront him about it. I don't know him, of course, but you'd likely get gaslit from someone like that

HeartGirls Thu 24-Sep-20 16:41:48

I've worked in my job for years and about 18 months ago got a new boss. Lockdown has made me realise he's not a very nice person, he reminds me very much of someone who slowly eeks away at your confidence - a bit of a low grade bully really. I didn't like him before lockdown but just used to ignore his snipey comments but being away from him for a period of time has made me realise what a demoralising person he is who I now really hate. He makes comments if I clip my hair back at work or top up my perfume at lunchtime. It's never a dig at my work it will be things like he makes a sort of noise to simulate the sound of whatever you do, and it's not limited to just me. Feels better saying that as can't exactly say it to people at work!

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