Leaving charity for the civil service

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thetrees Wed 23-Sep-20 18:17:28

I've been offered a job in the civil service. I work for a charity and I love my job but I'm worried about the sector long term.

Has anyone else made this move? How did you find it? Is it still true that it's very hierarchical? Is there a lot of backstabbing. I just wonder if the culture is so different that it will be a struggle to fit in.

On the other hand the job looks really interesting and given that it is likely to be reasonably secure I wonder if I'd be mad to pass it up

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Babyroobs Thu 24-Sep-20 00:01:18

What type of work do you do ? My post is funded by a large charity which is currently making hundreds redundant and although our funding is ringfenced until next year I am worried about the long term future unless the government step in to help. I was looking at DWP work coach jobs last week and had similar worries to you.

XDownwiththissortofthingX Thu 24-Sep-20 00:08:58

I left public sector to go into third sector. I can only talk about my own personal circumstance, but the biggest difference for me is that generally speaking the two groups of people I was working with are like chalk and cheese. In my former workplace I was surrounded by people who took no ownership of work, had no pride in their work, did the bare minimum to get by, and immediately threw a strop and went running to the union the instant anyone suggested they might not be pulling their weight.

Total opposite in my current place. Small charities can't carry passengers, so while the general culture is similar, the prevailing attitude within the individuals themselves is a world away from my former workplace. You literally couldn't pay me enough to go back into public sector.

Redwinestillfine Thu 24-Sep-20 07:23:57

It will depend very much what department op and whether it's London based or not. In general the civil service is a wonderful place to work and terms and conditions are great. I have worked in both and for to he most part found civil service colleagues to be hard working and a lot of fun. There is heirarchy but in a structure way not in a way that makes you feel bad. If you apply yourself you will get on.

MrsGrindah Thu 24-Sep-20 07:27:11

Yes to hierarchical, absolutely no to backstabbing...not sure how an entire organisation can be backstabbing. You might want to check out the. Civil Service code though. Some people don’t like the way it can curtail things like political activity.

thetrees Thu 24-Sep-20 08:34:21

Thanks this is really helpful.

By backstabbing I meant claiming credit for others work, that sort of thing. I have worked in very competitive environments before and couldn't face that again.

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Redwinestillfine Thu 24-Sep-20 09:19:47

I think that is a thing of the past op. Many departments now have clear policies on transparency and making it clear who did the work ( and letting them present it).

thetrees Thu 24-Sep-20 10:10:18

Ah that's brilliant. When I was in my twenties I really struggled with that.

This has been so helpful, thank you.

I've got another question, is age an issue at all? My sector is really young and I really feel in my 40s that I'm getting too old for it. I'm hoping there will be room to grow and progress.

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MrsGrindah Thu 24-Sep-20 10:32:56

Again depends on your department but CS is a very inclusive employer in my experience and age is not an issue at all

Redwinestillfine Thu 24-Sep-20 11:56:09

The good thing is that if you end up in one of the department's playing catch up that it's such a big employer once you're in you can move to another department if you don't like the work or culture of your local office.

combatbarbie Thu 24-Sep-20 12:37:20

Personally wouldn't do it! But that's because I've worked in defence for over 20yrs. I can't wait to leave the system.

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