Civil Service interview help please!!

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Gg1379 Mon 21-Sep-20 13:40:31

Hi All,

I have a Civil service interview tomorrow for AO grade and I am so nervous. It will be focused on the 6 behaviours below.

Seeing the big picture
Making effective decisions
Communicating and Influencing
Managing a quality service
Delivering at pace

I feel I have good examples for all except seeing the big picture, is anybody able to steer me in the right direction for this one as the one I used in my application did not score very high.

Also if anyone has any experience of an AO grade interview can you give me an idea on the questions they could ask?

Thank you for any help

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SwedishEdith Mon 21-Sep-20 23:20:43

How high did it score? Usual advice is don't change as if it was good enough to get you to an interview it's good enough but night need strengthening.

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