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Can I do anything about this smoker?

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Icedteaplease Sun 06-Sep-20 18:04:01

We have a new member of staff who is a smoker but none of the rest of the staff are. This person honestly reeks of smoke when we break for coffee or lunch and completely stinks the place out. A number of staff have commented on it to me that they feel it's really unpleasant and overwhelming. It's a small space as it is but many of us are choosing to leave and spend time at lunch alone rather than have to eat surrounded by smoke smells. One if the staff is pregnant and it's particularly difficult for her with her over-active sense of smell so she regularly has to open the window or leave to be on her own. What can we do here? We've normally got such a lovely sociable working environment but this person is making it uncomfortable. I'm terribly polite and can't imagine ever saying anything to them (not even sure it'd be fair to!) but I'd really like something to change...what are your thoughts? How can we improve the situation?

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combatbarbie Sun 06-Sep-20 18:14:52

Ask the person to wear a jacket to go out and smoke and remove it before coming back into the office space. I say this as an ex smoker. It will get worse in the winter months.

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